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Talk here email today. Some christopher i was listening to the podcast with my daughter after her softball practice. It was late so we went to arby's to grab some something for the ride home. You guys were talking about rb. Five and rb ten. My daughter quinn. Said it's pretty funny that they are talking about arby's right now and in the drive through. I wonder what they're ordering craft crack me up figuring you guys will get a good laugh. Thanks for what you do. yes. I like that now. I want arby's thank you did. They still have. Rv's new your office. I don't think i've ever unit arby's all beef and cheddar. I could eat ten of them. They're delicious and they're very light and they remind me of fantasy football now. So thank you. Christopher for that okay your news and notes new england release cam newton jamie and i did a bonus podcast on this on tuesday. Heath you want to give you a reaction here. Jacoby myers the tight ends the running backs. Whatever slight boost jacoby myers slight boost for damian harris. Slight boost for james slight boost for the tight ends Harris is the only one. I'm drafting as a reggae top. Twenty four and he is right in that gus edwards ranged from me. John who's a borderline number one tied. Nettie can't decide. If i actually want to put him by top twelve but i think it's a better chance. Now that one of the patriots tight ends will be good. And i moved nelson al gore into my top one fifty. Ok the thought. This was interesting last year for james white. He first five games of the season. I think jacoby myers either did not play or played fewer than ten percent or fewer of the snaps basically completely uninvolved. Then once meyer started playing james white averaged three point eight targets and two point eight catches per game. I really don't know that this matters but just want you to know i did the i did the research. This is what i think. That's you know cam just doesn't have that in.

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