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Shop online and one always got a brace for whatever the like in September the eight you might have to wear pads one of the. see was the devil one the one where you got most exciting hold was telling me to do it all so it was here that. you know me it was just a football festival are you an only very aroused in line three days tended to on KNBR six. sports leader. there's nothing like giants baseball on the radio listening to the Chinese replay on KNBR six eighty these sports leader. home grown and he's on weeknights six to ten on mark Willard show on KNBR six eighty. right here the changes for the Padres as we go to the bottom of the seventh inning branded belt is going to hit four Erebus Garcia's of the Vance gonna start to use their bench your belt will lead off against the pitcher Luis Perdomo hitting the number two spot in the order the Padres abroad Travis Jankowski off the bench she is in the number nine spot in the order and also playing right field will Myers moves from right to left almost the right hander takes over on the mound use that spell takes a called strike fast ball on the outside corner ninety four miles an hour from Perdomo the sinker ball specialist. three two eight earned run average in thirty seven games done pretty good job he throws your belt takes down in a way ball one you got Crawford on deck and then the pitcher's spot and I do think that this is a spot where Bruce poaching may try to use Pablo Sandoval Pablo officially activated today he's scheduled to have his surgery on Tuesday here's a pitch outside and even without the ligament intact he can hit.

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