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I think beating Dion say wilder solidifies, stardom solidifies. But what, what would stop Andy Ruis in his team from AJ not taking this fight, and then all of a sudden they just go, and they it up with a Pevec in or a Carlos, tackle them. I mean I don't like those names because we're talking about stubhub. So I would say my fucking areola Mexican versus Mexican battle the Mexican heavyweight. You give the other heavyweight and opportunity to be Mexican heavyweight, you know, and you bring out all the Mexican so they can know who he is. He beats areola moves on from there. You know, maybe you go somewhere else. I don't know right now. Take. A call thinking a little bit hard. I don't want to say the wrong name after an areola but in areola stubhub. You know, coming home party, who's gonna argue who's going to say, oh, that's a tuna. We didn't argue the fucking AJ was fighting Andy Reid. So why would we argue that India Ruis is going to get a fucking swan, Dan song? You know, in his hometown, he should be allowed if you're just joining in don't forget, the hit the thumbs up with the visibility show lets us know you appreciate what we're doing. Let's these callers know that there's a bunch of people out there listening to them, and they wants to hear their thoughts on these particular subjects. Let's get out to another pound for pound or in the Nola. RV. Was was awarded what? Yes at the listening today. Call the other day will wilder. I hope you guys understood this do wasn't no dumb country. Bunk in Alabama fool. It was a quick, RV gotta get.

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