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Stockpile exist right now. Lauren Jenks, the assistant secretary for environmental public health in our state, says this is really quite a shock. We were told by the federal government that there was a strategic reserve of vaccine and that would be released this week. And we woke up this morning to a Washington Post article suggesting that that is not true. Operation Warp Speed, has released a statement saying the department should continue to regularly receive vaccines in the coming weeks. Gubernatorial candidate Lauren Culp officially drops his lawsuit against the secretary of state centered on voter fraud. Culp tells car radio story Mance and he has no way of knowing how many people illegally got ballots by the Democrats are ensuring that we will never know. Kim Wyman says there were misleading and inaccurate assumptions made in the lawsuit and her office will continue to restore confidence. In Washington's election process. Meanwhile, the State Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Bar Association against Lauren Cops attorney. The complaint says Stephen Pigeon violated his oath to defend the U. S and the state Constitution's when he alleged that election fraud occurred. Whether increasing clouds overnight lows down around 38 Saturday cloudy high 48 I'm frank sires, breaking news highlights podcasts and more download the Cairo radio at Cairo. Video here for what's next. It's taught Hermann for my doctors actually are the D. C at the yard. The institute I've met people in the welcome area who traveled to see Doctor Yardley from Boise Talk to a woman who travels to see him from Texas. They do this because of the unique approaches the gentle, noninvasive care of Dr Lee Yardley to restore the body's ability to heal itself. Once that happens, my joint pain went away, but so did my Sadik. I didn't even know I had sat, Icka. My headaches are gone because my body can now heal itself. So they're coming from Texas and Boise and its multiple people who do this. You notice the traffic around here? She could drive from where you're at to the er the in suit very quickly and take advantage of the gentle noninvasive care from my doctor. Dr. Lee are the d c just to this call.

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