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Difference children with disabilities how right to a full and complete education and the ADA generation kids understand that. Yeah. I would agree cartland than I think is I think as well. You know the FDA has ensured that that people with disabilities have their basic civil rights protected in that also have opportunities. A recourse of legal action if civil rights aren't protected and I think that's a very powerful thing. has changed come willingly when when when the act was signed into law did change come quickly easily and on which frontiers and wear has changed been slow to come even though it's codified now. I'd say that. I. I I'd say that I think it was incremental and we continued to see incremental change a for example, a lot of the changes in infrastructure that we enjoy. Now things like ramps and elevators and automatic door openers. You know those things weren't put into place overnight. So from the standpoint of physical access changes been very incremental and it's important to know that the ADA is more proactive than retroactive. So if you have an old. Building, that you haven't renovated in forty years that wasn't built under the premise or under the protection of the ADA. It probably still is an accessible and unless you choose to renovate it or get new permits to renovate it, you may not have to make it accessible. So early, what we really sees that new construction comes online it comes online in a way that is accessible. So we've seen slow culture change in that regard. For sure sitting here. No. Please go had. Yeah. Mean shortly after president was signed the a until into law, he also said, let these shameful walls of exclusion come tumbling down and while many of those walls have come tumbling down there certainly continued to many barriers there's areas to healthcare married to affordable accessible housing and that's a huge win for folks with disabilities they may be accessed to. The folks need a place to live, and that's still continues to be a huge problem, not only in Massachusetts but across the nation. Yeah and also thing. Oklahoma let me just yet. Let me just ask this one just following on specifically with the two of you were just talking about it makes me think of. Sorry Five Year Long Battle on Beacon Hill over sidewalk cutouts, the Beacon Hill Civic Association challenge that there was a lawsuit it took five years. Those cutouts weren't put in place until around May of two thousand nineteen. So how do we think about those kinds of battles given what you've just been? Yet I think it's a really important point and. A lot of the a lot of battles and wins as it relates to access have been hard fought over the years and there are still many ways in which you know the FDA has been very powerful and very impactful. But there are ways it's still limited to..

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