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And it's insane albany ian hunter the prequel tell us basically the property in this one who kill the i but as far as the if you pretender vehicles don't exist the original chile's says vahtre hundred down destroyed the jet as you can imagine if if snow has not seen the prequels you'd be like vader that guy had destroyed the jet i've jerry were big problem for us and he got rid of them so that's great and oh yeah there was talvitie and doing some stuff or whatever the prequels put powerful protein in the driver seat invaders the stupidity hidden we don't like this movies i thought that was interesting i do think i saw that leads me to uh to me i think it's problematic i think it problematic that we're now to movies into a three movie trilogy and it's as snow is literally just a emperor like a bad guy with very strong force powers and there's no hint of a backstory like i'm not asking them to give me the back story i'm asking for just the ord mandel yet hint of a backstory that makes me oh my wish that i deal will make a movie about the vat like i i to me that is the key difference between the 456 trilogy and the prequel trilogy is that the 456 trilogy had all of these hints of things that had happened all they the of the entire description of the cologne wars is just you fought with my father in the cologne wars that's it you just here that there was a thing twenty years earlier called the cologne wars and you it's up to you to imagine what that meant i all of these little little touches that hint at this big story and vader betrayed your father and you know.

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