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Dollars to continue to militarize and weaponize a force that has zero accountability. Who's who's rather who's director? And who secretary has no idea when she goes in front of of a hearing how many children are dying in her own care under her own watch. And they have the audacity to ask for more money to fund that. I don't think so. So again, and she got very emotional. Obviously very articulate explanation of why we shouldn't have anybody on the border defending the border. And then she went further she said, and this is a quote, we are standing on native land. Do we have clip let's play it because we are standing a native land and Latino people are descendants of native people, and we cannot be told and criminal is simply for our identity or our status. What? So we're gonna go full Arousa we're gonna we're going to suggest as part of the mainstream democratic position that there's no such thing as an illegal immigrant because the original occupants of the west were Latino, and therefore the United States growing across the continent made them unwelcome, and therefore if you're legally immigrated from Honduras to the United States today that every right to do. So this is the message you're going to push really got this. This is what you pick. All right, man. Do it. What? What in the hell like Nancy Pelosi just has to be sitting in the back room snorting cocaine? I mean, look what what exactly do you do with. This Nancy Pelosi is now the responsible adult in the room. When we the American people are casting our is toward Nancy Pelosi like Joe DiMaggio. Wondering are the nation turns its lonely is to Nancy Pelosi and asks her please Nancy, can you stop this? 'cause this is crazy. I do love. It is pretty spectacular. So maybe Pelosi can handle AFC maybe Pelosi is being maybe Pelosi is just allowing AFC to go out there and say what she wants to say. So she suddenly looks moderate whatever it is. I am very much looking forward to Nancy Pelosi in mono e mono. Smacking the crap out of each other. It's gonna be great. I'm we've got microwave and back. I'm making popcorn right now. I've made myself one of my famous rum rita's, I cannot wait to watch. This battle royale down between Nancy Pelosi who's experiencing a strange new respect from the right for not being completely completely and utterly insane. And see who's beloved of the left, particularly because she's not very smart is somewhat good-looking and therefore must be respected because she's career as were going to get to this proposal at AFC just put out there to abolish is. So she's been embraced by mainstream people inside the Democratic Party and get to that in just a second first, let's talk about your legal costs. So you're running a business here. I know, and it's gonna cost you money to do all of your legal. Well, why would you go with the law from why not instead use legalzoom?.

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