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Comment on this but since we have actual representative from the or an actual employee of the US Postal Service at that we give shot but from your perspective, how much are we at risk of? Not. Having a fair election based on circumstances having right now and You know. Basically, the state of the world a lot of people are GonNa have to vote by mail. I mean, we do our jobs and as long as as long as you know, the voters do their part. We're going to do our part. I'm speaking for myself, but I'm not going I would not ever not let that happen right? It's insane. I can't see what will happen. Have you seen anything that would lead you believe like being obstructed from from the happening at least at this point not where I'm at I don't think they would let that happen in Berkeley. Maybe. Middle. America. Just just saying I don't. Yeah I made. What I do know is some of these machines, the sorting machines that were I mean. This is not news new news, but the Saudi machines that were being removed they're being replaced with newer machines but I guess some of these locations have not gone the newer machines, which is a little suspect. At this point. And this was like last year well, I mean. You know. Part of it is the timing of it. All right. question marks. But the other thing is I mean no-one purposely planned for their via pandemic? No one expected that we'd be innocent situation where we'd be trapped mostly in our homes and certainly not able to crowder way into. Election booths. But it's very clearly going to be a disproportionately. Huge challenge to preserve our democracy this year and you know. It's unquestionably going to be postal service worker who will bear a huge amount of that. Like physically and literally there that burden. I wonder how it's going up. On that note I. Mean. You mentioned that the Postal Service is still pretty manual, right? Pretty pretty analog. But it's also there it's changing trying to like updated I know that Phil you mentioned the about tracking male, which never would have happened not fifteen twenty years ago even ten years ago. I mean. What I. Guess. What does the future look like as far as you can see from your vantage point or push vantage point is. is now is is working on the line as it were. But. What does the future of post office look like in a world where people are more and more just relying on shooting electrons at each other I think it will exist to certain degree it will evolve. In order to survive I mean people. People need to send their medicine people need to send letters though the companies don't have. They don't have the ability to do that. Descend actual mailed letters as post a pack. Right, nobody else could provide postage like this. I. Mean. It's it's. It's pretty bleak when I talked to the old timers go. Yeah. The the amount of letter mail is just down. Parcel is up and it's hard to say I mean, in some ways, the pandemics is saving the post office, the post office being the postal service beginning in the news I mean, this is good publicity I suppose. With the whole mail in voting controversy and such but. It's hard to say so. You know you mentioned. Kind of beginning multigenerational postal service family. Grandparents uncles who have served in one uniform. As a military and then moved into the post office and More different uniform right from say green two blue stuff like that. When When when thinks of it that way It really does seem like a kind of an amazing metaphor, right? Like Ross different struggles, different fights, different trenches to be in but. The Post Office is is a staple heart, our democracy of our society of our economic system. It. At its heart, the most intimate way that we can actually connect with people still ride the most formal way. In the most also some ways, the most casual way to send somebody a piece of mail and I don't know when the last UN. Honestly I don't know when the last time I mailed a letter, not a card but like. A physical handwritten letter. Is probably to my parents in probably back all the way in college or or when I was. Out of the country or something but. I know that they kept them and they cherish them and. That's something which that sort of the physicality of the post office also something which I think. can't be duplicated really by any other. mechanism of communication shorter being face to face, and of course, we can't do a lot of that right now. Listen my my daughter just discovered. Receiving mail and it's the best thing ever. Said birth another long ago and then she got started getting stuff address. We'd go to the mailbox and we pick it up and then. And then I was like Oh this one's for you and she's like what and then it's it's like it's the it's the most awesome. Now. But now of course we go the mail. More more often than not does nothing for her and that sucks. Temper stations that a little bit but. Getting mail is also. It is actually got my five year old as subscription at a lego catalogs. Just, to get him get him into the. Into that world, that's awesome. It's like it's like the gateway drug. Addicted to mail. Yeah until he's like what eighteen starts getting bills. What my parents have. Wait till you get bills. I used to run to the mailbox as long as I could remember because I get. Magazines like Ranger Rick or something. I have looked forward to, and my doubt is always like. Are there any bills? No, it's a good day. I don't get a lot of build by mail anymore. As. True. You know I don't get bills by mail but I do get A. You know they're also other things that you've laid. Don't mess really.

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