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You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike simple v on the sports byline broadcasting network. The elber is here wrestling observer. Ally jim ross is joining us here today. Under the black hat is newest book available right now. Amazon dot com. I presumed fine booksellers everywhere and despite the fact that all these booksellers are not open right now but jim tell us a little bit about the second book then. We're to get into some questions here. Well you know ryan the we hit. The book came out in a very unique time. Uh the virus in shut the doors of barnes and nobles and other books millions of source like that you also get a signed copy at my website was j r s. bbq dot com charter. Bbq dot com The first book. I follow ron. I wrote it like a An episodic television show we wanted to symmetry and so we did that by making a current lots of chronologically correct in took a Austin vinnie shawn michaels. W title when i came back and all that so anyway So that's the way in subsequently always had any second book because there's too many interesting things to talk about. That will always be a part of the fabric of the history of our arrested the monday night war see attitude there something going public the first exit. Though you know. I guess i got the bills. Palsy assaults i And then you know they don't rock so many years than seventy being taken off was Things like that Slain it how. I felt at the time and what role my wife plays. Everything was going along the way you know when you're over when you're overweight. I'll say that i'm not. I'm benching myself. I'm trying but nonetheless around face southerner with the can't smile because bell's palsy has a shaky footing in in the world television on camera and i always carried that with me. It always bothered me. They'd be alive. So i could keep working really really hard. And then sometimes they got better but then the biggest thing that happened was that my wife got killed and she got killed in march and seventeen and a lot of things happened around that time and subsequently you know signed a two year contract with w we then. The net expire no negotiation. We're done thank you very much. I think everything serving two. I'm not going to be heard But i'm going to go try something else because tony kahn wants play every day and i didn't there was no plans to use me. Wwe i'm not mad about the sector aug. A lot of money very happy. But i had a chance to hear eight. W and you know that. Selling like w w of the bus or not grass. Sorta got him on. It's a fresh air. It's a different presentation leaders. Thirty five years old owners thirty five years old. That is so easy. i say. There's what's the problem right there. I'm not going to know his background and what he does. The jaguars football club in england. You'd be surprised what we've got here is. He's pretty damn bridge. So i thought there was a need to finish the book out. Getting the aid of is. I'm good booker. Or a good writer The early years of aws down the road. So i'm i'm i'm it was it needs to be written for jan. It'd be recognized as the asset so a lot of alpha male ego centered men. Don't think we do everything by ourselves because we don't it does interesting. You mentioned that about the owner of awa being thirty five years old. Because i mean as you're well aware from from being all over the place. I mean the idea that tony kahn. No experience in wrestling aside from being a huge fan who just kind of studied it for years and years. I mean he stepped in there. He's half the age of vince mcmahon. And have the numbers right now. But the impression that i have been given based on preorders orders on saturday as this pay per view on saturday did did very well. And that's good moose. That s that's the impression i've been given so don't don't hold me to that but i know that on on saturday the the early streaming numbers were very positive they they were up there with with some of the other shows. They've done so it. Looks like it did well. And you know you're talking about you know it april this company to the best of my knowledge. I mean they made a little bit of money and if they would have had live events and live gates. I mean they would have made a lot of money in april. And it's just. I don't want you to sit here on the air and kiss tony's ass but i mean you would be a good person to ask since you've been around so many different promoters over the years i mean. How can you explain that to fans how quite frankly incredible it. Is that a thirty five year. Old guy with zero experience in pro wrestling has taken over or started this company and within a year. I mean there's there's network television they're beating and exte- on wednesdays they're profitable during a pandemic. I mean it's it's it's almost impossible to believe we. We also be money that rock times in new york city on the young male demographic eighteen thirty four eighteen forty s. Something like that. And that's new. York is at least once nationally. Well we got. We know we've got a long when you go get the it's refreshing to be here lars repository some asking parade here. He you hit the nail on the head earlier. Brian when he said he was a student of the game. That's oftentimes thrown around kind of carelessly. Not that you did because you didn't but he truly is. A student of the game has been. It's tyrod plus. He's gonna photographic memory the scary he can recite stuff. I said admit out in.

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