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As well, I did the was fortunate enough to do the public address announcing. It was great fantastic. Downtown was alive. I have a niece that goes to Tennessee lives in Knoxville. So she was here and Saturday, we my family, and I took her out to eastern just to hang out because you know, that that was the off day for Tennessee. And we had dinner at the melting. Pod. And that was great and everything, but the activity at Easton between seeing several light high schools that were in the state final four that were there, North Carolina shirts. Tennessee shirts, people hanging out and just. Visiting and checking out east said it was great. I mean, it was a very very good weekend for Columbus. And it was it was wonderful. And you think about where this I've been here. My freshman year in college nineteen eighty three and I always think back to what this city was. Then what it is now and just the sports angle of it. It's it's tremendous and the growth is outstanding. I guess the next step in terms of the men's tournament. Now, I know the NC double a women's tournament. We had the final four last year, which was also a knockout home run. But from a men's tournament standpoint, I wonder if there's a way we get a regional final. We've got the first and second rounds or in the regular rotation will be fun to have a regional final in guys cutting down. The nets riot going into the final four, but we'll see if that happens. But it was it was a great weekend and a great season, by the way for the basketball buckeyes, which came to. It's unfortunate conclusion last night with the loss to Houston. But if you told me going into the season, especially the day before the season, remember, Mike Potter who was supposed to be a significant factor on this team transferred. Few told me going into the year. Yeah, they're going to win twenty games would've first round NCWA tournament game. But then they're gonna lose in the second round Ida signed up for that in the second. Because I didn't know that this team going into the season with everything that it lost keta Bates Diop, Jay, Sean Tait, Cam Williams, even Andrew dockage. And then the Michael Potter transferring a bunch of new players are they going to be able to be very good. I I didn't know. Now, we got spoiled by the twelve one start and thought, wow, they're going to be great. But in hindsight looking at the season as a whole great job. I Chris open of the guys.

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