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Sports at 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and technology forward. And here's Brian Albin. The tarp is out at the navy yard is the nationals in pirate series finale currently in a weather delay when they do pick up Josiah gray on the hill for the nationals one in four on the season, a sub three ERA nationals hoping to salvage a win after losing the double header yesterday to the pirates. They're on the field in Detroit top of the second inning Orioles in tigers are scoreless. Kyle Brady a one two three inning in the bottom of the first for the O's owes leaving a runner in scoring position in the top of the first after Cedric Mullins led off the game with a single NBA playoffs right now in Madison Square Garden Eastern Conference Semifinals game one, the Knicks with a 45 34 lead on Miami in the first half, Nick saw power forward Julius Randle out due to a sprained ankle that he re aggravated Wednesday in the game 5 series clincher against Cleveland coming up in a couple hours. It'll be the warriors in kings in a deciding game 7 from Sacramento NHL playoffs tonight. The Boston Bruins set an NHL record for most wins and points in a regular season and might suffer a first round exit if they can't win their game 7 against the Panthers in Boston also later tonight the defending champion avalanche at 8 30 will host the Seattle kraken in a game 7. I'm Brian Alvin WTO sports. Thank you, Brian. It's one 56

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