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One is the code over a bed online dot AG to place your bets for next year or even start to look at some of the bets for the draft. You know Fran. I went back and forth on the eagles pick between Christian Wilkins and actually his teammate DeMarcus Lawrence because I feel like, you know, the eagles could use a guy that plays the nose all the time or a lot like Lawrence. Opposite Fletcher Cox, but I just had a tough time taking a guy that I feel like is not as versatile more of a run stuffing guy at that spot. Just given how little you know, run stuffers are really on the field. I liked the idea of the versatility of Wilkins who could even play D end in base could play tackle either side be three technique. And there's other guys the Trayvon Hesters Bruce hector's of the world that I think you can get some decent snaps out of as first and ten run stuffers. But then get more value out of a guy like Wilkin. So I went with Wilkins at twenty five with the eagles because I feel like he in Pletcher cash could do some major damage as interior rushers together. Now. Picks a lot of sense. So Jeff, I agree with that being said twenty six Indianapolis Colts. This is the point where I do in the mock draft since I did not make the eagles pick. I went with dream on Joan tear from Ohio State, the defensive tackle. Obviously a lot of holes there for Indianapolis. Yeah. I really just an outstanding job by Frank Reich. And then entire coaching staff, overcoming a lot of the holes. They do have on that roster. I'd be looking at secondary. I'd be looking at defensive defense line off the edge wide receiver. But I'm going to go defensive tackle a guy that I think can attack field. You've got really high upside I liked dream on Jones here for the colts raiders with their second. First round pick the one they got from the Cowboys. You have them trying to replace Amari Cooper with marquees Brown from Oklahoma. Yeah. Just two guys got instant speed. I thought about addressing the secondary here. Maybe a guy like zero or one Thornhill Deontay Thompson from Alabama. But ultimately since there haven't been a run on safety. I figured I let it let's. Wait a little bit there. We can address that at the top around to. I'm going to go with marquees Brown here to to give a little bit of life to that offense. Chargers. You have them taking MAC Wilson off the ball linebacker. That's interesting. Yeah. I think ultimately I would love a defensive tackle here for the charter. That's something that they've needed for the last couple of years, but MAC Wilson might be a little bit too. Good to pass up. Here is a guy that can play sideline to sideline. I'm really really excited about his upside. Number twenty nine another Alabama guy the chiefs taking a safety in Deontay Thompson. Yeah, they just need help on defense. Just keep adding talented players to that side of the football Deontay. Thompson is a guy that one year started a flash plans a really really good. He's got impressive range the ability to play the football. Not not as big of a playmaker has got like Eddie Jackson was coming from that same defense. But the ops upside is very very high. I did think about a couple of other positions there. Maybe linebacker maybe pass rush, maybe running back, even but ultimately, I went with with the onset Thompson. So now, we get to thirty. And it's the Packers the first round pick. They got from the saints and the name you mentioned earlier one Thornhill. Yeah. I just love lawn Thornhill, even though they addressed the secondary very high in the draft with a couple of picks last year. They trade ha ha Clinton Dix. They're still looking for answers there at safety. Thornhill is a safety with a corner background really smart kid versatile. I think he fits that defense. Very well. Number thirty one the Rams taking Michael deeter. I like that just because you don't know about Whitworth Saphal, the free agent, you know, John Sullivan..

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