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One of the most important conversations of your life. I'm also on the host. Tom now to hear from sam please note. This was recorded. Well before the so-called freedom day in england and strict kobe lockdowns were still in place. Well now restrictions have been lifted literally in last few days or assuming that sam is out there living her best lesbian life that you'll understand fully what i mean when he listened to sam's incredible story in full of taking over forty years to admit who she really was. I started by asking. Her journey to understanding self began to be honest. Probably when i was about eighteen which was a long time ago i discovered gave village in manchester. When there with the best day moves in One of the bars and i was just saw a while. This is just amazing Just path top it straightaway. Boat back then. Eighteen living at home Now my dad who's will straighten probably is not here anymore. Walt let's just say. I hate status. But he. He didn't like anything in relation to that chabala taylor and in being different all even. It was quite racist as well a bigot. Nobody can away. Even though happy signed. phelan's it was. I know maybe. I'm not supposed to feel like this so i kept the hidden though a long time to be honest. What do you went to the gay bar eighteen. Was that because you knew you again. Just to get out with the may and then it suddenly dawned on me yet. It was just it was it was it was simply that that was up first time going and feed and attracted to girls. I'm bed and in fact it was include wall. No woman i got asked by the scale to case. Obviously oh no. I just went. Oh no no no and because of his diet. I'm not posted feel like this. I don't know it was just. It was very confusing. Or maybe she the one where you're attracted to. You sort of denied you. She was scholarships out.

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