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But that's why i'm here i'm not a journalist i don't have the resources available to me that these large organizations in media outlets have all i can do is point out what they're doing but this hasn't stop the media from coming out in complaining endlessly about how the first amendment of freedom of speech is at risk because of donald trump and then after the make aversion seek now after the morning joe cobble conflictual because morning joe joe scarborough of course came out in two had his own inside story about donald trump and then of we if you listen to be driving around i was listening to rush limbaugh on the radio he had a story about nica an apparently meek a n joe scarborough were down in florida just ask to come hang out with the with the rush limbaugh he said they came they spent an hour with them they were very nice and very cordial and then they left and they talked trash on him the that i i didn't understand it is so everybody's innocent course yeah rush limbaugh didn't know what was going to happen he knows everybody like it's the back of his hand in these these into all this stuff but he just invited these people over and he had no idea he thought they were just friendly people everybody law is everybody's lying and so any way now after you have all of that and the whole story unfolds and we got this this big inquirer type of news cycle now trump releases a video from 2007 when he was on the w w e and for those of you who don't live in a trailer park w w e is the i don't even it's the wrestling i knew w w f as the wanna world wrestling federation where i was growing up in a trailer that's what it was but i w w e is some sort of other wrestling show.

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