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Have to take your time. You have to develop a technique for it but it sets really deep. It's really comfortable. And i forget i'm wearing it sometimes. Like legal in jersey for me to leave the house. Kind kinda thing like get out to the congo. You let me go back inside. Because i forgot i was wearing a host of very comfortable You know what. I'll do a review on it. Because why the heck not i mean it may take years but at least i have I'll have to look at my instagram. Because i started wearing when they sent it to me. And i think i have months on it now maybe even a year. I'll have to look back. But i got enough time. Would it actually have something to warn it. Not saying award for two weeks in. it's great. I'm like no you know i i live in jersey so all of my carry permits. Make no difference here. They don't recognize them so pants on gun in my house you awesome so nouncement s- you know what's up now bandwidth sponsor patriot patch. Go and of course you need to go join the patch of the month. Which is you know right here. You're looking at it if you're on the thing. It's the the crab from whatever it's supposed to be from an it's the maritime incident recovery team with agent crabs. So it's cool. They got all kinds of other cool stuff over there. You need to check them out cleaning mats. I hear they have some some sort of tans dang on malls or something like that but they are there We have some affiliate links in the show notes. There are also under the youtube video. Or as you probably know you can go to the firearm insider dot tv and final there along with you know some reviews and various other things for me because these other guys. I'm not sure what they do. We don't do nothing okay. Curious across the finish line. Because i know i know robs got a couple reviews should probably do but now always a busy season. So you know he's going to be stuck in as florida man number one or whatever it is. You know like i'll tell you what the i know. We don't say it but those affiliate links even if we don't get a kickback at least allows the people that like browse and la police. You're allows me you know we're getting some credit from the firearms radio network. We get a kickback. And most of them are very very very minimal. It's not like we're making a fortune here like literally like we're lucky on some of them to get one percent so but one percent or no percent exactly so we appreciate it and like like rob said it also shows those companies that you're you're hearing about it from us which is probably better than the couple of bucks we get so rob. Do you want to tell us all about what kind of bad language we're gonna use tonight. Yeah just bleep everything from now on. Okay podcast for this. If the individual hosting reflect the official policy or position of the firearms radio network andrew their employers. This is not legal advice mark. Should it be considered a such viewer. Discretion is advised. This is especially true on live shows. When we're dumping on our wonderfully hated manufacturers. I don't think we have any of the hated manufacturers tonight. No i don't think we do. It looks most of the stuff is well the rock island zan's not that e-eh but everything else i'm like we have some fun with it. It's so good stuff. Let's talk about this primary arms hollow five seven c. green bulkin radical. Yes and and what's great about it is. Tony has actually had experience with the red version and this one just happens to be in green. Ms rpm this is three hundred and forty nine ninety nine and as you know. It is a collaboration between primary arms and hollow son It is the five seven which by itself is an awesome red dot greene dot. I have one of the original five. Saban's still running. It still having destroyed it. Which is probably which is a bless but primary arms has their acs s radical. Which in this case is like we said is green so if you have trouble with seeing red or green shows up better for you because i hear most people's eyes pick up green better now of course if you live somewhere where it's everything's green green might not be an option for you but for other people. Green is probably a better option. But what they're vulcan radical does is you still have the center dot except it's not a dot now. It's now a little triangle like they do on on their. Acs radicals which is fine. You can use it just like a dot basically but then they have this huge circle around it. Which if you're looking at the triangle in the center you don't see it but as you move the pistol right left up down you start to see the lion coming into the window to know which which direction you are aiming incorrectly which of what it is. Of course we'll go over this the little chevron in the centre they say ten ammo a measure it has shake awake technology multi quoted glass. It's got a twenty thousand hour battery life. it is also the solar version. So you know you get that and that twenty thousand hours is on setting six. Iran's a sixteen thirty two battery which is pretty much all the stuff of the second generation hollow son 507. But your big thing is that radical It also shows pictures if you go to the click through the links to the primary arm site It has different. Bullet drop compensates like for the nine millimeter of the top of the triangle is twenty five yards the underneath the line in the chevron his fifty and then the bottom of the chevron is a hundred and then it has forty and forty five which they vary but they also put in five five six three eight stuff like that so the top is like fifty. Two hundred underneath is three hundred They don't give the bottom chevron but basically it's going to be you can figure it out yourself for whatever. It's at magnified optics. Of course you're not gonna get if you're trying to see something thousand yards you know. Your is better be way better than mine ever were. The i think that pretty much sums up the features of it. I do know the one. Nice thing that if zane was here he would probably mentioned is is you can set the brightness and turn off the solar power so if you want the thing to stay on all the time at whatever brighton you said it at you. Can you can do that. Not have to worry about the shake awake technology. If you don't want to at least that's my understanding i might be wrong It has twelve brightness settings if you're actually concerned and one amway adjustments on it. The night vision compatible for you people that have night-vision And only weighs one and a half and ounces for you people don't know which you might not It does use an armour mounting platform..

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