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I don't want to see if it knocked out by Derrick Lewis. I don't think anyone wants to do that unless you actually hate the guy to be fucked wife, whatever but like that's not the guy that you want to like you want to fight again. He also called out George Jones interesting fight because I think Jon Jones beats him. I know that I tweeted that like Jones went down to light heavyweight and then and then someone was like, you're right. Jon Jones would kill him and Jon Jones birth. Are like that tweet Arthur jokes, but I honestly think that John Jones is probably like the highest part i q and all and all of them in May. He's never lost a fight never lost him and khabib to guys that like at that level to level teacher to argue whether or not cocaine works. So I got home. I think those are smart enough to just keep the distance to keep away. I mean, you can't I don't think that the black piece was more dangerous than Rampage was in his prime when Jones on a rampage, but then again the same guy that he was when he fought Rampage. So who do you think wins that fight Don Frye? Well, I'm with you and fortunately you know, how you go John Jones. He's an incredible athlete and like you said, he's a great fighter IQ. But the thing is dead. He's he's never tired. I've never seen any good tired in a fight. Yeah. Yeah, and he he just he'll run the run the legs off of the B service. That's all you're just doing the guys. I mean within the first half round, you know, the Beast will be huffing and puffing and panting the Matt Walsh Laura. Gave you was about Cain Velasquez could wear him down and possibly beat him when he was in his prime both of them in their Prime. But past that I mean with what he did it for me a man. That was I don't know. He took all their level being coordinated way did it was amazing Greg? Yeah, Jon Jones. I don't think he's one of those guys that don't bet against him when they get in their you know, their legendary. They're like to be like in that you know, it's like now he'll find he'll find a way to win once it's in there. He'll guys seen the bathroom fight went on last week? It was like trending right now. Mine or yours, hold on. All right, let me see. All right, let me see if I'm going to I'm going to share the screen. So this this went viral this this video is not viral now. So all right, hold on. How how do we do this? So I'll go share screen. So this guy right here is a football player. Can you guys see this song? Yeah, we can say. All right. So he's a football player from OU now the bullet now they say football player. He's a plane now. Does that count as a football game when when you with a placeholder? No. Oh my God. That's he's he's older. Yeah, I could to be the place. Yeah, you basically got an honorary wage. Okay, so cuz I don't I play football but I'm not I'm not I don't know all the positions even even though I played varsity football. I still only played my particular. So I mean you have to be Athletic Club. It's already have tickets. They have to be able to tackle. You might I mean if the play breaks down you might but generally the guy who played the character has some other position of the team. It's rare that you have a guy that's just a fucking place fighter, like usually so the punter or the or a backup quarterback or something. No, no, no. No, you're talking to kick. This guy's place order. He's has a breathing stopped..

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