Michael Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian attorney


Partly cloudy warmer today about a five degree warm. Up from yesterday that will put us in the upper eighties in the metro area this afternoon we. Also have a smaller chance for thunderstorms. Compared to the last several days, is to twenty percent chance. Here in the metro area higher storm chances out on the eastern plains in the storm Saudis could. Be severe later today chance for thunderstorms, will continue into this evening we'll drop, into, the, upper fifties tonight so cooler nights tomorrow partly sunny high eighty three a thirty percent chance of rain, in the afternoon. And evening on Saturday, a, thirty percent chance. On Sunday, as well Sunday's high right around eighty degrees. From CBS forum Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty. AM and ninety four one FM nice hue to the. Sky this morning sixty one degrees in Denver now on, Colorado's, morning, news, reports, President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen claims that Trump. Knew in advance of a meeting with. Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton according to a number of news organizations, cone, is, willing, to, tell special counsel Robert Robert, Muller that he was present when Donald from June Told then candidate Trump about. The June twenty sixteen meeting at, Trump Tower former US prosecutor. In Governor Chris Christie says that could backfire on Cohen in his ability to make a deal with. Whoever's doing this whereas putting this stuff, out there miss a limited group of, people, that, have access to this information and can be credible You know just hurts Colin and according to the story. Coincide the elder Trump approved going ahead with that meeting, Trump is tweeting this morning, that quote he didn't know about the meeting several lawmakers backing a measure to prevent the US from leaving NATO. Without the senate's consent Colorado's GOP Senator Cory Gardner is one of. Them, gardeners joining up with three other lawmakers in a bipartisan effort if passed that Bill would allow the Senate legal counsel the challenge administration in court the move. Comes after President Trump's somewhat contentious meeting with NATO leaders in recent weeks that Bill just introduced yesterday Chad Hoffman KOA NewsRadio Senator Gardner. Also met with US supreme, court, nominee Brad Kavanagh yesterday he calls President Trump's pick and incredible selection Gardner also says the two talked. About ruling by law instead of, personal opinion and administration policy the Republican called it a good conversation on.

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