Feds say 711 immigrant children couldn't be reunited with parents ahead of deadline


Talking Seven nine three WBZ And as we come to the bottom of the hour time, to check the headlines here's John police are still searching for the body of a twenty Gatesville Charlotte man who they believe was murdered this week while his. Roommate more from WBZ's Mike oil or expels was reported missing on Wednesday after a search of his home. On south Smallwood place an interviews. With suspects PD, captain Chris dosier says they believe the twenty-eight-year-old Smalls was in fact killed at the home by his. Roommate following an argument so at this point we're still continue to. Look, for his body however, we, are confident that unfortunately based on the evidence we collected at the house, that homicide, did occur, police believe Dwayne Evans killed spouse, and recruited, two friends Jason Palmer inch Yvonne Scott to help dispose the body. Possibly, in your county Mike Doyle WBZ news defense expected to be front and center today in the William McCullough murder. Trial in Cleveland county he's the man, charged with killing three-year-old Jordan Dumont. Of guest and county the, daughter, of, her girlfriend prosecutors Thursday presenting video evidence of what. They describe as, McCulloch, confessing To killing the toddler in which you said he was trying. To give her a spanking bouts lost his temper house speaker Paul Ryan opposes the movement by GOP conservatives. To impeach deputy attorney general rod. Rosenstein likely dooming, the effort in fact North Carolina congressman Mark meadows now saying he is tabling his efforts to impeach. Rosenstein out talking about seeking contempt of congress charges if the Justice. Department, is not turn over, documents, congress has been seeking deadline for the reunification of all illegal immigrant children, with their, parents has, come and gone Jim Ryan in, Texas reports, the feds have almost met the court order goals eighteen hundred children. Separated, at the US Mexico border have been reunited with parents or legal guardians that leaves about seven hundred kids still. In the care of health and human, services some adults have been declared. Ineligible for reunification because of, criminal, convictions, in their home countries or suspicions that they've abused, their kids Now we'll check a WBZ traffic here's Freddie hammer eighty five southbound is still, our problem spot heading down. Past, Belmont abbey and you're gonna find that southbound sides very slow. At exit twenty six and then northbound. Starting to, get busy, I think a little onlooker delays they are working kind of late with that repaving project on the southbound side otherwise. One accident on the west side of Charlotte here, at Wilkinson just west of the Billy Graham Parkway it's actually. Close closer to Boyer watch for an injury accident. Here you'll see emergency crews. Arriving on the scene next update six forty five. Freddie hammer WBZ traffic WBZ news time six thirty it's time to check sports so he I, practice of training camp for the Panthers in Spartanburg happened last night rookie cornerback.

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