Facebook will spend $10M on CEO Mark Zuckerberg's private jets and security


From, Orange County to Santa Fe Pasadena Arizona Lindsey light with the US force service says she seen crews from all over. Gathered the command center at lake him. It we basically have set. Up a camp it's like a miniature. City we have everything that. We need here we have showers sleeping areas we have food group has launched an all-out ground and, air assault on the fire that started Wednesday. Thousands have been forced to leave their homes. Some houses have been. Destroyed in Riverside County Corbin Carson KFI news the man accused of. Starting that huge fire near. Idyllwild plus eight others has pleaded not guilty he's. Charged with more. Than a dozen arson crimes Riverside County spokesman John Hall says there could even be. More charges filed because. The fires still burning if anything should, happen the, damage increases If there's any injuries etc. Defense lawyer Joseph Cammarata says if the. Fires were arson set they. Hoped a real person responsible is found our thoughts and prayers are with the first responders that are, battling these fires right now in the families. That are affected by them demand charge could. Get life in prison. If he's convicted people in reading have been reporting fire NATO's that. Firefighters say are happening because. Of the speed and power of the wins a. Person who lives. In the area says seeing the fire from a mountain top reminded him of Dante's. Inferno a book depicting, hell is beyond Well I don't have to imagine anymore because I can see it higher fighters say they, have never seen fire activity like this to people have died in the fire that, started Monday it has burned more than forty eight thousand acres, and destroyed five. Hundred homes and other buildings protection is pricey if you're Mark Zuckerberg Facebook has approved spending ten million dollars. A year in security for its CEO and his family. Business insider reports Zuckerberg, can. Spend the. Money on bodyguards, home security and private aircraft last, year Facebook spent nearly seven. And a half million dollars protecting its billionaire founder it was less than five million in two thousand fifteen and sixteen zuckerberg's salary is just a dollar, but his sixty seven billion dollar net. Worth is tied to his stake, in Facebook errand bender. KFI news and checking, traffic from your helpful socal Honda traffic center Cal trans work. In bell on the seven tenths northbound's out, of the seventeen between Florence in Washington boulevard three right lanes are. Closed until about seven o'clock stopped And go through photo southbound side of the seven ten from. The five to Atlantic close as well they should be wrapping up the southbound side of closer here the. Next few minutes but in the, meantime you are things approach the five interchange on the fourteenth south before via. Princessa we have a, crash here that was in the carpool lane they stopped all lanes cleared off to the right side you are. Seeing a pretty heavy backup already saying canyon road and can the. Five southbound lake Hughes road to magic mountain Parkway product here to Cal fans and. Has only the right lane opened this when again should be wrapping up in the next to the, wild if you happen to see anything f- flown you down give us a call, on the Ralph saving.

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