Eagles 2018 Training Camp Practice Notes


Learn more at I sent the filly dot com slash perks, it was another day of work for the eagles at Training camp we get more from KYW's Ed Bankin in south Philadelphia Eagles overcame a host of injuries last year to reach the Super Bowl at defensive coordinator. Jim Schwartz says that will be a key for his unit once, again one of our themes last year was the fact that we were over, two we. Were able to withstand quite a bit of injuries to key players and depth this big part of that one player who is. Injured last season was Jordan. Hicks and Schwartz says the linebacker has been impressive during his first two days of summer. Workouts with the eagles training camp, I'm Ed, Benkin. KYW NewsRadio the Phillies give the ball. To Nick pathetic tonight as they continue their series in. Cincinnati against the reds that six at eight four point six. Ninety RA his bound opponent will be Cincinnati right-hander Anthony Bonnie who was four and three his earned run average five point four zero Phillies have won three. Straight to improve to fifty eight and forty four they now lead the National League east. By two and. A half games over second-place Atlanta Vilis open. This series with the reds last night. With a nine four win as they tied a franchise record with seven home runs in the game ranger Suarez picked up the victory on the. Mound in his big league debut pits five plus solid innings. Allowing four, runs after the game Suarez was optioned back to triple a. today the Phillies, promoted outfielder Roman Queen from the iron pigs to fill that roster spot Phillies in. Reds a seven ten start tonight in Cincinnati sticking with baseball Brian keep was a. Star catcher at, Saint Joseph's university the Saint Louis cardinals drafted him in the seventh round back in two thousand fourteen. And he has spent this season with the high a Palm Beach cardinals in the Florida state league O'Keefe batting two fifty one this season three home runs, thirty runs batted eight in fifty three games he talks about, his, campaign I think that. I really focused on trying to take everything kinda one pitch at a time one day at a time when I. Better time whatever may be just kind of trying to stay connected to that moment instead of trying to think about the next pitch or the next step, bad or the next day or whatever it may be and I think overall is allowed me to be more of a consistent in a player that can repeat his, mechanics over and over. Again O'Keefe was a first team. All Atlantic ten selection is final season at Saint Jo's back in two thousand fourteen that's sports Matt Leon KYW NewsRadio Matt thank you up next, on NewsRadio, doctors are working to make. Philadelphia the first. City to eliminate hepatitis coming up here the portion of. The population that has the highest rate of infection spoiler alert it's not millennials I'm Mike Darty news time three nine at tasty cake. We're all about making happy habit even at the DMV can I help you yes we're here to make. Someone happy you're sure you've got the right. Place may I offer you Tasty cakes. Conic butterscotch crickets I Band pretty God actually ma'am, did I see you..

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