Trump touts 'amazing' economic growth


We're watching these, homes burn. The US economy grew in the second quarter, of the year the fastest pace in nearly, four years four point one Percents. President Trump gathered reporters outside the White House to tout, the numbers and predicted growth will continue CBS news business analyst. Jill Schlesinger over the, next, ten years that would mean twelve million new American. Jobs and, ten trillion dollars of. New American wealth this is a very strong quarter, it is the best quarterly growth since the year two thousand fourteen that was under President Obama when goes hit. A five point two percent pace President Trump is. Striking back at a claim by his former personal attorney Michael Cohen says the. President knew in advance about a two thousand sixteen meeting at Trump Tower between his campaign and Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton CBS's Paula Reed does not appear that. He does have any sort of hard evidence in emails or letters or recordings tobacco this claim but this is truly remarkable here you have making this, public break with the president effectively confirming that, he is willing to flip on his, most famous client Longtime chief. Executive of CBS les Moonves is said to be at the center of. Allegations of inappropriate conduct in an upcoming article in the New Yorker magazine and CBS is reacting before the peace comes out here's hanadova the independent directors released. A statement saying that following its investigation the board will promptly review the findings and take appropriate action and the timing of this. Report comes in the midst of. The company's very public legal dispute referencing litigation between moon, beds and CBS is main shareholder Sherry Redstone this is CBS news To experience relief from foot and leg cramps use theraworx relief get theraworx relief today in the pain relief file at your local pharmacy ask your. Pharmacist for theraworx relief It's two or. Three at the various news station KCBS sunny and warm, again today cool at the. Coast and inland and good afternoon for Jeff bell. I'm Larry Sharoni I'm Patty rising here's. What's happening thousands of people in reading a. Fled their homes after a days old fire grew quickly out of control last night KCBS gentlemen is there and joins us now live from the incident, command center Jonah it is relatively quiet here Patty because almost all of the seventeen hundred plus firefighters battling the massive car fire are out on the. Lines right now it is only three percent contained and it grew explosively overnight leading. To the evacuation of thousands of people in the. Area around Redding Cal fire spokesman Scott Kenny is showing off a tiny black squiggle. On the map of this fire it represents the one containment line. That is holding they can't say that if a win were to come through that. Line would hold so until they feel confident in. That they're not gonna, increase containment so that's why you're You're gonna see with that containment the direction in which the fire is moving that's at this. Time purely dictated. Of the fire. In itself the fires creating its own weather at this, point another reason it is. Quiet here at the base camp the. Deaths of. Two firefighters are on people's minds one. Was a bulldozer operator the other city of. Reading firefighter that fire department just announcing the identity of fire inspector Jeremy stoke who was killed in the city of reading thousands of people are under, evacuation orders we're heading now to see them at Shasta college one of the evacuation centers that's been established reporting live at the car fire base camp. Gentlemen KCBS right thank you gentlemen while KCBS Megan gold's be has the story of. One reading woman who sold her home just a. Few hours before the neighborhood went up in flames obviously the home buying process takes. Considerable amount of time we were trying to push the closing a. Little bit quicker because We had our trip and so they moved close it up to Wednesday's and that's when homeowner Emory barrel and the new buyers both signed the sale was finalized Thursday afternoon and then we got word around eight o'clock that night that it was likely that. The house had burnt down she says she feels horrible for, the buyers, but she knows because of the sale. Process they are insured in the end it will be. Okay because it have the insurance and then you. Know maybe they can rebuild, right there a house just exactly how they would want that they did go on that, trip before, the fire broke out now she's eager to get back home to her new reading. House anticipation to offer sadness because we just you. Know you want to help people and and what a devastating feeling it must be to, just feel, like. You don't. Even know where to be in because you've walked everything Megan gold speak KCBS there was a moment of silence for the victims of the car fire at. One, of the fire base camps for the big Ferguson. Fire outside you so many national park KCBS is Holly Quan has That This is a camp full of firefighters that already saw the fatality of a dose or operator last week in the early going of the Ferguson fire now comes the tragedy out of the car, fire Pat Lang is superintendent of the, grove one hop. Shots these are firefighters version of a swat. Team this is. Backyard he knows the terrain and the fire history, here but even so your head is on a, swivel and you hear that there's a fatality either on the on the fire that you're on or the or fire somewhere. Else you know that Was somebody just like you out out. Doing their job And it just It's a reminder that we need to fall back, to the basics and we need to make sure that we're doing everything that we can to ensure that That it doesn't happen that means knowing your escape routes watching for boulders. Get dislodged falling tree branches and. Staying in touch with a supervisor near, Yosemite Holly Kwan KCBS officials are responding to the Veterans Memorial building danville this afternoon after a car struck the building the city of danville, says on. Twitter the danville police and units from the San Ramon valley. Fire protection district are on the scene at the intersection of hearts and prospect avenues a. Blue Toyota sedan left. The road and struck part of the building motorcycle being told to avoid. The area no word yet on whether there were any injuries let's continue our traffic we're going to get the very latest this Friday afternoon from Cheryl rains unfortunately off on the wrong foot for sure right now new stall in the maze west five eighty east, eighty trying, to get, into Berkeley that truck locking. The right lane with trouble on five eighty headed to the ultimate with our Chilton auto body collision Cam good. Afternoon John Atkinson Cheryl good afternoon to you it is the Friday, get away towards the weekend and eastbound five eighty already very slow out of Castro valley From, the two thirty eight merge that's going. To be solid all the way, out to Santa, Rita road the Altamont pass that trip eastbound five heavy north vascular so heading, out to about two north Flynn just beyond north went and south of five. Eighty there is a brush fire. Burning near cross in tesla fire departments, on scene with that but the smoke is visible from the Altamont pass jammed Alamo nor six eighty a crash before lavar Anna they're clearing, from the. Two right lanes it's backed up to sycamore valley road in. San Francisco well underway this commute northbound to the Golden Gate already bad and north one. Zero one to the. Bay bridge heavy from Cesar Chavez your next update to eighteen on the. Traffic leader KCBS sunny skies cool at the coast and, we're looking at patchy fog in some coastal locations still very warm once you head inland highs will be in the sixties at the ocean this afternoon seventies near the bay and the mid nineties inland traffic, and weather, together on, the eights and all news. One oh six nine AM seven forty KCBS a tasty cake it's all about making happy happen no matter what The situation helping. Your friend move Yeah third time? This year what do you say we put a smile on, that face with a. Tasty. Cake peanut? Butter candy cake sure why not so what do you think I have to say That's a delicious cake great so you're.

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