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I thought wow this is a guy who thinks the way that i'd wanna think this is the person who i'd want to be influenced by and that's why i love living here to meet people like the guy you're about to get to know here in this interview his name is warren hogarth is a former partner at sequoia sequoia of course you guys know famous for investing in companies like goal and what's happened many others it you know and his latest company his company right now it's called empower let me read the official description here and then i'll tell you what i like about it it's your personal financial assistant on your phone keeps you from ever having to worry about money again warne i don't really love that at that description but i'm going to start telling people little bit about what mind shows oh let's log with my thumbprint there it is my pa pg an e bill is due in a few days it says hey your usual monthly payment to your life insurance didn't go out maybe there's an issue um hey did you know that you're actually subscribe to these payments on a regular basis do you want to cancel any them do you want to move money from one account another that's what this app does it lets me keep track of my money let's me in their issues and allows me to move it around and he's got plans to do so much more and veteran here to talk about how he built this but more importantly what he learned about thinking about startups and businesses from having been a partner whose was intimately involved in the growing of several companies.

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