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This is tear gas being fired at protesters this's as you can see the Grove Avenue this is not far from where Lee and is this is a different section of it and this is where now tear gas has been fired you can see it there on the ground drifting toward the the folks here now what the this is a different agency this I believe look at the the uniforms that is LA county sheriff's that's what I thought this is a different agency that's involved here a different jurisdiction I believe we're getting into west Hollywood Chris Christie you bought this yeah market area yes go ahead when when we look at where are we west Hollywood you want to help you get your bearings we aren't west Hollywood were right down the block from CBS television city in front of the error one right there you could see the broadcast apartments this is actually pushing the crowd closer to where everything began today at pan Pacific park so they are keeping this crowd out west kind of where everything began things got a little tense there and you saw several rounds of tear gas shot into the crowd towards their direction and they scattered back into the park what's interesting about that if we go ahead and head over to the Holocaust museum you'll see that where everything started today is a water station that those protesters almost appear to have come prepared with and that's where they kind of lead to to wash out their eyes and their faces every time this happens this appears to be I don't know if this was intended for the purpose of bruises but the cold out today but obviously they've got lots of water here and that's a wee bit observing just a few minutes ago we saw another projectile shot at.

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