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A Navy base in Georgia. The search through the rubble of that collapsed Florida condo building is now a recovery mission no longer a rescue operation. 54 people are known dead 86 still missing rescue crews and others held a moment of silence last night. Here's our Jackie Quinn. Emotions were raw as firefighters, police, searchers, clergy, journalists and public officials gathered at the massive pile of rubble to honor the dozens of people still unaccounted for and now presumed dead. Earlier families received the crushing news. The search now is only for remains with no hope anyone could Would be found alive. The coronavirus has now killed more than four million people around the world. A number about equal to the population of Los Angeles are Tim Maguire takes a look at where we are. As the availability of vaccines increases. Daily deaths have dropped now fewer than 8000, compared with the more than 18,000 people dying each day in January. The World Health Organization warns of the gap between the wealthy and poor nations, noting that vaccination drives are barely getting started in Africa, another desperately poor areas as the U. S and Wealthier Nations rollback precautions even with the highly contagious Delta variant making inroads around the globe. I'm Tim Maguire. Authorities in Haiti say they shot for suspects dead in a gun battle. After the murder of Haiti's president to others in custody. The Tampa Bay Lightning have won the Stanley Cup. This is a P news John Leather B has more on the Lightning's big win for the second straight year of the Tampa Bay Lightning or hoisting the Stanley Cup. Rookie Ross Golden scored the only goal of the game of the second period to give the lightening of what nothing went over Montreal at Emily Arena. Colton, the University of Vermont product tip to Gorm, Oh, feet past an outstretched Carey price in the Canadians goal, sending the near capacity crowd into a forensic. Lightning netminder Andrei Vasilevskiy was named the consummate trophy winner as the playoffs Most valuable player. The whole team deserves it for sure. And, uh You know, just to, uh, to have five shut outs in one playoffs. It's it's all about team for Tampa forward Pop maroon. This is his third straight championship wedding last year and in 2019 with ST Louis. I'm John Leather. Big Macy's Fourth of July fireworks on NBC was one of the week's biggest ratings winners. About five million people watched the TV show America's Got talent was tops. I'm Rita Foley. AP News AP.

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