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Atrop- Iranian general says his forces already President Trump follows through on. His warning that Iran will suffer, consequences, if, Tehran threatens, the US Zion president Hassan Ryan says there was no need for them to respond to any nonsensical comment by general causing Soleil money who had set. Could force of Iran's hard line paramilitary revolutionary guard says it is. His duty as a soldier to reply he was, quoted by news website, affiliated with state run television as saying we are ready to confront, you cold Trump a gambler, and says he will start the war but we will end it following Sunday's warning tweet that Trump's just talks option. Saying ready to. Make a real deal I'm Sarah Shockley Syrian government has held celebrations in southern Syria town into the Golan Heights after recapturing the town from armed groups who had controlled. It for more than four years. News I ended to townhall dot com Democrat Senator Claire mccaskill of Missouri finds it outrageous, Russian hackers would try to, infiltrate her Senate office computers Senator mccaskill who's up for reelection is commenting on a report from the Daily Beast which. Says Russian hackers. From the g. r. u. intelligence agency tried to break into her computer. Network last, August but were unsuccessful mccaskill seat is considered vulnerable by Republicans tried to keep their. Slim hold on the Senate majority Inherit integrity radio, the new w I n t think about those first three. Letters I know you guys almost every other day those first. Three letters are w. I n. which means win which means winners which is. You know w I n t, listeners we love to make you guys winners whether it's atlas cinema movie tickets or Biagio donuts, coming up I think it's coming up let me look. Here oh not this rate but the next break Biagio doughnuts in eight twenty one segment we love to give stuff away and make you guys winners and we love to give you the.

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