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The city of gulf shores voted to form their own school system schweiger wants to continue serving but others mike orange beach mayor tony kenan wants her to step down so the baldwin county school board wants an attorney general opinion and has asked ag steve marshall to write a legal opinion of the issue jefferson county school superintendent dr craig pounds he was named the two thousand eighteen superintendent of the year monday by the school contenders of alabama or ssa the recognition comes in the shadow of pounds he being involved in a wall suit he filed concerning the state superintendents job michael sentence was hired last year over penalty after some mouth proven inaccurate information was released about him at a briefing at the pentagon monday marine general joseph done for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff answered questions about the deadly attack in niger as relatives and lawmakers continue criticising the trump administration's handling of the investigation the only thing i'm asking for today is it a bit of patients to make sure that what we provide to you when we provided is factual the national weather sir visser nws reports in the f one tornado touchdown near decatur monday around 228 a m but did little damage other than toppling trees into residences in w s huntsville said the tornado had an estimated peak wind speed of one hundred five miles per hour during the five minutes it was on the ground the storm hit trinity and morgan county beginning a 228 a m and ending at to thirty three am covering two point four miles with a maximum width of.

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