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They they better spin off more shows and all his did you see rises guy Walker now yeah okay anything I feel like I am seeing something that grew up with die but you know I'm pretty miserable death I everything I've heard yeah I will say I will I was disappointed and you know the force awakens came out in twenty fifteen so they they knocked out all those movies and four years yeah and now it feels like it just started and now it's over and I'm kind of like well that's that's what we got and I guess my films they were some of the best ones now it's apparently ending ending badly I haven't I haven't seen it yet I don't I wouldn't what when Star Wars came out came out my friend Andy and I were up in Vancouver BC visiting my my relatives who happen to be here for the Morgan game and or rose bowl has he is he as you say and we went in at ten AM to see Star Wars got out went back into it you know paid one admission we looped like five times that day we watched it five times a day and this is back when you know I I just told my uncle he said call me when you're done so hours go by and we came out of the fourth time I called him and said Hey we're gonna watch this movie one more time we said five times a day came out and now to just hear what is what is doing but that what I like is is Mandalorian has a sense of humor because the deal about the entire Star Wars arc is I I I don't know what it was it what was your a wacky sidekick I I don't I can't recall a funny moment in us in the Star Wars movie thanks when that was sent being that but that was not intended I guess it was intended as comic relief is like writing so out of place it's just annoying I mean I tell a joke tell a joke C. three PO and R. two kinda you know have a good back and forth and you won the Gregor you know when they're flying in their hover craft and the the terrible Anakin Skywalker actor that young kid he jumps out of the flying car and Yoon eun McGregor says I hate it when he does that I just watch that one last night attack of the clones yeah like that's a punch line is ten years old when that movie was made I hate it when he does that yeah I mean it was from Top Gun when he gets up and sings you've lost that Lovin Feelin I hadn't seen that movie in a few years and I I watched it last night or the night before and that they were says I hate it when she does yeah he says she's also loving feeling goose any has she I hit which it out no so that so what I'm gonna do is do John Fabbro who did Ironman all three better Ironman but that he he did swing yours that's that's where how we started he wound he winds up as a you know a guy a character on friends at the end but the guy behind the scenes have been producing some great movies he's the one behind the Mandalorian so he's obviously not afraid of humor and so in the final episode episode eight of the Mandalorian they did it's the the two guys that kidnapped baby Yoda the two scout troopers on their floating bikes are hanging around just shooting the S. and it's the it's probably the most authentic soldier talk I that Mrs what board soldiers sound like he he nailed this that.

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