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Primary some of Joe Biden's supporters are up for grabs I was a body guy but I don't see it happening isn't it the excitement level that Amy or we need some Bob the excitement is with the Blue Ridge region club which our campaigns it's going to be hard I think at night top to it's gonna be a near the decision comes down to one thing however can be trump that's the only thing in my head Erin could risky ABC news Nashua New Hampshire and the president will be in New Hampshire tonight for one of his signature rows ahead of the primary tomorrow W. O. R. deuce time five forty eight disgraced for me former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein gonna be back in a New York courtroom today just a sex crimes trial resumes sixty seven year old Weinstein charge with five sex crimes including rape and assault is the defense attorneys will continue presenting their case with witnesses they believe can persuade jurors one seems not guilty he insists any sexual activity with the women who accuse him was consensual and you have to wonder was once seen watching the Oscars last night my guess is he probably was there were a few surprises outlook stone was backstage at last night's Academy Awards in Hollywood it's the first time ever a foreign language film has won Best Picture among the four Oscars parasite one they were some of the big ones Best Picture Best Director best international feature along with original screen play the director behind parasite saying he plans to drink a lot now Alex stone ABC news backstage at the Oscars for the most part the rest of the year awards went the way that most people thought they would go and as the other award shows went Best Actress went to Renee's Delaware Zellweger for Judy Best Actor went to Joaquin Phoenix for the joker Best Director Boone June the whole for parasites and the Oscars they had no host but there was a monologue more on that from A. B. C.'s Jason Nathan said the show opened with a musical number but quickly shifted to the kind of jokes you get from a host I was thinking today Chris that we both have hosted the Oscars before and this is such an incredible demotion Steve Martin Chris rock the five minute monologue rock pointing out Herriot star in best actress nominee something Revo the only nominee of color such a great job and Harriet hiding black people that the academy got all the hot all the black nominee.

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