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A haunted she lives in like a an old haunted mansion down in the south she's got a big old big ranch today grants open to the public so I'm guessing she's close that down I'm hoping right well I'm assuming yeah the the tours and everything has stopped but yes it's an old plantation is the word I'm looking for in a very famous motorcross track there well a lot of motocross racers have a grown up race Loretta Lynn's ranch really okay fun fact yes okay Val Kilmer used to date share if you don't know that okay yeah that's his ex girlfriend now when he L. was battling throat cancer she invited him to come and live on her property so she took care of him and he recounts this in his new memoir at the just came out it's called I'm your huckleberry and he talks about it I will get to graphic with this but you know the complications of cancer treatment people can get sick so we had a really bad night one night where he was just really really sick so much so that it was like a scene out of the godfather he said that he prayed they called nine one one and share stepped in and helped so when the paramedic came in though apparently he was like this drop dead gorgeous guy and Val Kilmer said that despite the fact that I was covered in all the stuff I caught her eye and she like bounced her eyebrows like Groucho Marx like Hubba Hubba here let me help you and they really.

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