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On the fives now from the lafontaine volvo weather center showers were forecast tonight tomorrow thursday friday and this weekend upper level low pressure slow to leave us it's been a feature for much of this month temperatures tonight in the mid fifth these with a stray shower in from the west isolated shower for tomorrow high of seventy and then uh breaking the action thursday midseventies from the weather channel i'm scott lawrimore loose talk seven sixty wjr and currently seventy two degrees i'm marie osborne wjr news from the heart of the motor city it's mitch albom show with mitch albom and brown now here's mitch so i've long maintained that people who live in australia or new zealand are just not made of the same fiber as the rest of us they use tougher stuff down there i i've been to both countries many many times of travel across them they're not better than us they're just tougher i don't know how to say they can lift things easier they can hol beer more and nothing seemed to throw them the kind of stuff that would scare you me would make us go running they just kind of life we go through such was the case movin by a fisherman named terry cell would an older guy who goes out fishing and the other day.

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