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Got to go to break when we come back more with Kevin order burners warehouse. Stay tuned. This hour is brought to you by renters warehouse, one of the largest fastest growing and highest reviewed property management companies in America. Back with more think real key radio with Rb Gohar after these messages. A message from DAV to returning veterans. Thank you for doing your duty and doing our bidding. Thank you for stepping up and not backing down. Thank you for putting yourself in harm's way. And putting your buddies lives ahead of your own. Thank you for defending our freedom and displaying your honor. DAV? Thanks, all veterans by fighting to get them the benefits and support. They were promised visit DAV dot ORG for free help. And again. Thank you. This is an urgent health notice for all residents suffering from back, neck, knee, and wrist pain. You may qualify for our pain relieving brace at little or no cost to you. But the deadline is fast approaching simply called health alert hotline. Now, you heard right.

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