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Come the mummies and the classic attack of the wiener man in honor of the return of the hot dog Weiner man statue. Well, but finds its place in West Virginia. And now what did you think of that owner of the cowboys Jerry Jones? We've got a locker room full of sick players and coaches to go along with some literally 100,000 cowboy fans I don't know if ever sick. Just sick. They're just sick about it. A reef of pink slips will be on my desk on Monday morning. Just to get fired. I fired myself. I don't know. The shonda Sean Payton's definitely going to the Broncos. Right around a little bit over $20 million a year, I guess, is what I'm hearing. No car payment. Yeah, no car payment on that one. We were talking about the movie alien. Ridley Scott's seminal masterpiece. The chest bursting scene. While giving much or apparently, are you trying not to spoiler alert after 80 years? But apparently that scene, the most of the cast did not know what was going to happen. They claim that they were completely unaware. Obviously the person who were the alien emerged was aware of it, but apparently, and I double checked this, I've heard this before and I guess that's real. Well, Tom scarrett claimed in an interview. To a point it's real because the editing, they thought something was really wrong with John Hurt. They didn't know he was going to lose his he was going to start freaking out like that. But the reaction to it, they have to know. They're setting it up. You know what I mean? They can't set that shot up. But he said they were aware that the script just said the alien will appear in this scene, but they weren't told where or how. How they didn't know it was going to pass. That's what he claimed. Okay. I hope that's true. That's cool. Now, we were talking about the dairy winkel, which of course, in West Virginia, is the home of the wiener man. Which was stolen, has been returned fortunately. We have a song by here come the mummies. Yes, we just played it. Thank you. Oh, but that reminds me of periwinkle, which I didn't know this until Christie told me, Perry winkle is a color. And it happens to be the color from Steven singer jewelers. For the 24 karat, the 24 karat gold dipped rose. That's the new one this year. It's periwinkle, and periwinkle is kind of a violet blue. Yeah, it sparkles. It's really pretty. But I didn't realize it was there was a color called periwinkle. And what we're talking about from Steven singer jewelers is an actual 24 karat gold dipped real rose American Beauty rose with kind of a purpley blue petal. Am I getting the colors that sound good? Steven singer roses, they're always available, of course, until they're not. What am I talking about? Well, every year this sells out. I know one of the collectors is Josh's mom. We'll be getting another one the new one the pair winkle for Josh's mom. This year, once again, I'd say 24

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