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So i want to hear from john zohdi i want to hear from john greg john greg the twotime democratic nominee for governor clearly thought of as a bigwig a macher as they would say in the dish amongst democrats where is he on this subject and then i want to hear from joe donnelly andre carson has ads andre carson has radio ads that he runs for joe donnelly that's we know this for fact we know that andre carson has these ads so i wanna know that these ads that support donnelly and not talk up donnelley i wanna know if joe donnelly is okay with this i want to know if joe donnelly is still fine with this i wanna know of joe donnelly wants andre carson supporting him this is this is what i'm interested in i don't think this is too difficult to figure out i think this is all rather easy stuff andre carson is supporting a bigot defending bigot won't announce a big it won't speak his name why are we okay with this i it's just a question that needs to get answered from these three high profile democrats don't tell me about donald trump donald escape don't tell me about benjamin netanyahu and israel's immigration policies towards african migrants.

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