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Your news about your money with Bloomberg. And we have Denise Pellegrini as the economy recovers from the pandemic demand to get around his rising and that is putting pressure on uber and lift to recruit more drivers. You know what I'm talking about. If you tried to get a ride share lately, and the companies are starting to offer some long term incentives for drivers. The Wall Street Journal says they're considering education assistance guests on insurance discounts. And helping drivers buy new cars. As GM drives toward an electric future. It's making a multi million dollar investment in a lithium project in Imperial California. It'll give GM easier access to the middle, which is crucial to electric vehicle manufacturing, and Lordstown Motors is in federal prosecutors, headlights, the Justice Department Reportedly joining the SEC in looking into the electric truck start up. The SEC has sought information on Lord's Tom's moved last year to go public and its representations regarding pre orders. The company says it's committed to cooperating. In East Pellegrini Bloomberg Radio. All right. The owner of a container ship that blocked Egypt's Suez Canal for nearly a week has reached an agreement with officials. The formal solution was agreed upon by the stand of London, the attorneys for the ship's owner and insurers, but the details kept under wraps. The ship will be released from holding this Wednesday after authorities took it while a deal was being worked on. The canal Authority initially wanted more than $900 million in damages after the ship got stuck. Two Chinese astronauts have completed the first spacewalk outside the country's new orbital station. The astronauts set up cameras and other equipment using a robotic arm. Chinese state media reports. The walk lasted seven hours. It's China's second spacewalk. The first was in 2000 and eight I'm Cameron Fairchild. The U. S government report released last month on UFOs, or, as they're called, now, unidentified aerial phenomena drew few conclusions and highlighted the need for better collection data. Congressman Andre Carson, Democrat from Indiana, explains a curious element of the findings while speaking on CBS has faced the nation. But what is curious Is that many of these silence have occurred around many of our military assets are naval bases are military installations? Mm, Pentagon revealing of the more than 140 incidents investigated by the government. Many just simply can't be explained. Meeting Bill Cosby throwing his support behind his former costar Phylicia Rashad after she got backlash for celebrating his release from prison. So she tweeted a photo of Cosby following his release, saying, finally But has since deleted it and apologized for being insensitive toward sexual assault survivors. Cosby issued a statement to CNN Sunday saying he wasn't released on a technicality. He was released because his rights were violated. He ended the statement by saying, We the people stand in support of Miss Felicia Rashad. Cosby was released Wednesday after serving two years of a 3 to 10 year sentence for sexual assault conviction. That would kill me. Get on the makes us stronger. I need you. I can't wait much longer. I know Kanye West's is going to make a lot of money working with gap. According to CNBC, the partnership will bring in about $990 million in sales. In 2022. Did you hear that whore here? $990 million.

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