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And I don't know how many of you guys out there have actually had to hire people for a job but that moment when you find find the right person. That's an amazing moment. The problem is that getting to that point takes a lot of time you have to go through a bunch of resumes to find the person that has the skills that you need one way to cut down on. The amount of time it takes to do that is through Lincoln Lincoln. Make sure your job post is seen By the people you want to hire people with the skills qualifications and other interests that will help your business grow. It's no wonder a person is hired. Every eight seconds with linked pin and why companies raided Lincoln. Jobs the number one hiring platform for delivering quality hires find the right person for your business quickly. Today with Lincoln jobs you can pay what you want and get the first fifty dollars off. Just visit linked in dot com slash resets again that's linked dot com slash resets to get fifty dollars off your first job post terms and conditions apply if you wrench your home. Whether it's a room an apartment apartment or a house you should get renter's insurance and one way to do that is with state farm renter's insurance because you need to protect the stuff landlords don't like maybe your vinyl records or your furniture that got drenched because of a broken pipe or maybe somebody made off with your Nice Electric Guitar. When you add it all up your stuff probably worth more than you think? So what do you do you. How do you protect it? You do that with state farm renter's insurance like if somebody breaks in and maybe makes off with your new laptop renter's insurance can help with that. Landlords won't cover your loss for pennies. Day You can make sure your stuff's is protected with state farm renter's insurance and with more than nineteen thousand agents across the US. It's easy to find one close by because when it comes to renter's insurance it's state farm agents are ready to help find an agent or get a quote at State Farm Dot Com that state farm dot com.

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