Palestinian protest icon Tamimi released from Israeli prison


Chaos broke out. WBZ news time to thirty five Chicago police have identified the man. Found shot to death early yesterday morning on the Dan Ryan expressway on that's outside police called to the inbound lanes of the Dan Ryan, twenty fifth street found the body of Thirty-three-year-old should kill durken's in, a vehicle on the side of the road he was pronounced, dead. At the scene and an autopsy revealed he died of a gunshot wound, to the neck to other people in the vehicle where found away from the scene one, person founded a pizza business. And south Archer avenue as second occupant found uninjured. Near the expressway and thirty first street Illinois state police are investigating, Israeli prison service saying it is released Palestinian protest icon ahead. Tamimi a spokesman says to me me, and her mother narrow men were released. Early today they're being transferred, by the army to the Palestinian. Territories the seventeen year old served at eight months Prison term for slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers in Israel she is seen. By many as either a provocateur invitation or a threat. To the military's deteriorates policier family's home though has been. Decorated with, Palestinian flags in hundreds of cheers await well-wishers remember the only way, you can, take WBZ, 'em with you is through the radio dot com download it today listen anytime anywhere traffic. And weather together in two minutes WBZ news.

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