Could The Nationals Trade Bryce Harper?


Topple Stands Second consecutive nights are not a home. Run last night, here don't rights, three one Rockies four. One the final for Colorado that call an eight fifty KOA in Denver as the Rockies get the. Victory, now Saturday night was a big game for the ages of the Mariners have taken on each other and with the Astros, losing as you, know it's a chance for one of these clubs to gain a little bit of ground in the American, League West, standings all right time to cue the, angels rookie Francisco arsia Title major league, record here, in this first two big league games bars RBI's any That's gonna drive in another. Ride and we'll see if it might drive into also being, weighed around his insular he, will store Who is, Francisco arsia a rookie with the most. RBI in his first two major league games that's how about ten in the two games the angels route the Mariners eleven. Five, Seattle with the loss stays five and back in. Houston is the angels move up to just thirteen games behind the Astros again you're listening to sportscenter allnight here on ESPN radio the WNBA all-star game was held Saturday. In Minneapolis and for the third. Time in her career Minnesota's Maya, Moore turned out to be the best player on the floor three point lead. For team Parker Oh yes Bucket there has more helps the Candace Parker all-stars beat the Elena della. Don stars one nineteen to one twelve more named the MVP in front of her. Hometown fans again for that, third time what does it feel like to accomplish this in front of the home fans? In Minnesota you said it to be able to do this at home was. So sweet this is the first thing day when I got the trophy looked at it and just seeing the Minnesota logo for the all. Star game and I, just mild it made me, so happy especially in front of all these great fans speaking of smiling and being so happy as we take a look at some of your. Experts here you're absolutely. Terrific today whiling the home fans in the team Parker one thousand nine. Hundred twelve when I, got it ask you right before the game we were watching and we saw a couple of people including this fan in his shirt come up to you and she always felt like it was a lifetime accomplishment to. Meet you she broke down. In tears what does it mean when your fans call up to you? And your To them in that fashion I think the weight of it hits you of how influential. You are and people's lives when you see those emotional reactions and I just wanted to make, sure that, she felt super you know just loved in that moment and appreciate it in that moment and just trying to make it. A memorable memorable time. Forum, so it's an honor second half of the season is going to be a little condensed because a fee by a lot of Oh Look for the last seven WNBA champions me what the second half of the season's going to be. Like because I think it's fair to say this is atypical starphoenix for. Sure you, know it's definitely a unique extremely unique. Year what we've done is not. Normal and so this year's journey has been, different you, know being below five hundred points right above. It so we just have to stay the. Course everybody is beaten everybody out this year and a half game difference between maybe three or four. Positions and so it's it's great basketball as far as fun to, watch and we'll just going to try to do our thing for these last nine. Games Moron sportscenter Zubin, Mahindra the WNBA also announcing the twenty nineteen all star game will, be held in Las Vegas Sheron Thomas protected his yellow jersey in the. Penultimate stage time trial of. The tour de France on Saturday and he's got a one minute fifty one second lead to go into. Sunday's cruise down the shells Eliza victory and during Saturday's qualifying for the. NASCAR Cup, series race in the Poconos Daniel Suarez. Earns the pole position despite being. Third-fastest on the track because Kevin Harvick Kyle, Busch each, failed post qualifying technical inspection and other PGA. Tour is a four way tie for the. Lead after three rounds of the Rb see Canadian Open among the four tied Americans Dustin Johnson and. Kevin Tway coming up in a matter of moments Tom Brady meets, the media and Tom Brady walks away from the media these are the fun times NFL training camps this happens to be sportscenter allnight on ESPN. Radio and the ESPN app Your radio your computer your phone Tell, your. Smart, speaker. Play ESPN, radio ESPN,.

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