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There's a race Sunday in Hungary at nine o'clock in the morning, and Red Bull versus Mercedes has gone to another level after what happened in the last race between Max for stabbing. Yeah, I saw that Red Bull's not letting it go. They reconstruct. They reconstructed it right. They tried to have a review yesterday, and Yeah, right. This is getting crazy. Jeremy about Like they're really angry. Like, Yeah, I can't drive to survive next year with that incident in that race, and what's going on between Mercedes and rebel will be really fun to watch. Just to see if they're behind the scenes stuff with the two managing, you know, with which I'm called Christian Horner and and Toto Wolff. These guys don't generally don't like each other. Let's see. I was gonna say Okay anyway, Luke Smith is coming up phone lines open. You wanna talk? Say what you want to talk, bills football. Something else you want to get, too? That's fine. 80305 50 to join us 8885 52 5 50 Here on w g R Miss Shopping The Bulldog's show No problem. Rewind up to 24 Hours with Odyssey Rewind tell, though the Odyssey app select w g R and go back in time, driven by North Town Automotive Shop online at north town auto dot com. Expedient knows what happens when you travel by yours say Actually, your gait changed. Oh, by your self, Here's your room. Sorry about the bill. But with Expedia go Oh, by yourself like a great companion. Expedia has your back throughout your journey because it matters Who you travel with. Click to download today..

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