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Through Friday, but I'm times even on the weekends. Sometimes on the weekends, you got one of those this morning. But yeah, we are. This is our hobby. We nerd out on law. We love politics rank amateur. And we you know throughout the week, go to court, and, and people have been accused of crimes alcohol drugs, sex and greed. We have six lawyers based here in Columbus. We hit about thirty counties regularly, and we've been doing this for twenty six years. So that is are plug general the this day in history? What do you think June sixteen anything of value happened in the world's history, June sixteen? I must say after an exhaustive search by found very little that would be of interest to our listeners, certainly. There are things that went on in places like Moldova Lithuania. But as for Americans, basically, I could say happy birthday to Adam Smith, who wrote the book, the wealth of nations, and seventeen seventy. Book explaining and defining the terms of capitalism is the seminal book on the subject, nineteen o nine the first US airplane sold commercially by Glenn Curtiss for five grand nineteen twenty two Henry Berliner big day for aviation. Her. Henry Berliner demonstrates his helicopter to the US bureau of 'aeronautics after questions of what the heck is kidding nineteen seventy seven former national socialist, scientists Verner von Braun who designed the v one v. Two rockets was captured, of course by the US and taken to Alabama to the Goddard Space center, and then he was instrumental in castration. Yes. Designing the rockets that took the astronauts to the moon in nineteen seventy seven Verner von Braun passed away. It's a German day. Yes, it is. And also two thousand seventeen on this day, President Trump re. Reinstates the travel restrictions to Cuba, that were loosened by the Obama administration, and we did it's a coupe. It Cuban day. We've already mentioned Cuba or could Gooding junior being arrested on, grabbing the left breast of a of a woman in front of his girlfriend right at a bar caught on TMZ teams. He has it on their website. We talked about this earlier in the show. They were talking about mastectomies apparently. But it has the, the contact us fee for purposes sexual gratification, and they get approved that beyond a reasonable doubt become a tough case. If you read anything on Cuba Gooding junior, it's not merely the contact. That's the crime that could be if he had in the purpose of sexual gratification. And they're able to show that purpose beyond a reasonable doubt to jury in New York, then Cuba has a big problem that convicted sex offender, and which in Ohio would be made at Torrey fifteen years. And if he was an Alabama and potentially looking to get out on parole, they're gonna get out on parole. We talked about this if you're just joining us. Alabama as law. That's four days, old now of chemical castration for men for men and only for any sex offenses committed against the minor. Underage thirteen. Here's what I found Geronimo was born in eighteen twenty nine I thought American tribal leader. That's all I got American tribal leader was he was he part of a particular tried. I think he was he died in nineteen. Oh nine. The Ford Motor Company company is incorporated in nineteen three IBM was founded in nineteen eleven. But it was called the computing tabulating recording company and indicate New York. C T, R, C, IBM, somehow, they got the computing, tabulating recording company and into New York became IBM de marketing division and around that time. And this is the seventy fifth anniversary of the execution of George Steny junior and fourteen years old. I wanna. Spend a minute on this. George was convicted of first degree murder of the of the of two girls in South Carolina, nineteen forty four who's African American. It was South Carolina. It's in the forties to white girls come up missing. They were later found bludgeoned to death. George was taken as a suspect, apparently confessed was arrested. He was held fifty miles away in Columbia, South Carolina because of the real risk of lynching and his trial was his death penalty case was heard eighty days later and his jury was all white because most blacks and South Carolina were still disenfranchised and prohibited from voting. They couldn't be selected as jurors and reports are almost a thousand people crowded the courtroom over the months of the trial over the weeks of the trial over the days of this murder trial. No one day including jury selection. One day, the jury took ten minutes to deliberate, his lawyer asked zero questions of any witness in the three accusers being the police officers that, that heard, this confession that was never reduced. Writing and they even gave conflicting accounts of what the confession actually was what he said, and they return a guilty verdict. The judge sentenced George to death by electric chair. There's no transcript of the trial. No appeal was filed against his nineteen forty four and on June sixteen nineteen forty four at seven thirty pm George was brought into the execution room. He was five foot one, they weighed ninety pounds. He was so small compared to the usual dull death row inmates. They had difficult time putting him on the frame of the electric chair where to get him up close enough to the electrodes. So they put him apparently before yellow pages were big. They put the bible on the chair, so they had George sit on a bible in order to fit properly into this chair. Here comes the mass now the mask is way too big for George because Georgia's. Five foot one and ninety pounds. And that first jolt of twenty four hunt first surge of electricity twenty four hundred volts surge trysofi. Georgia's mask comes off. He was dead and four minutes. He was fourteen years old. Can you believe that in no one asks, how a ninety year old can kill two two people? I'm sorry, ninety pound person can kill two women. Fourteen years old. Unbelievable is a stain upon our history. You know and so defense attorneys a wheat, Eric unite had a nasty jury Trump week or two ago. Some of the worst facts you can imagine. It afterwards, you talk to the jury, and they go, you know, how, how can you represent something like that. And we'll look our job is defense attorneys. It's up to you to decide guilt or innocence. But that's that's on you. It's up to the prosecutor to present their case to try to convince you that the main are woman is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the judge's job, to make sure that everyone follows the rules. It's our job to make sure everyone's rights are protected and question. The evidence question the testimony in after all that you, still you still find beyond a reasonable doubt that I know my sleep, I looked great. Now you can be fairly certain now he'd be fairly certain. Right. And so our job is not to defend men or women who've done heinous acts or less heinous crimes. But to make sure that before the government throws the switch on a fourteen year old, their lawyers defense lawyers there that are going to challenge everything before that happens. Of course, the death penalty was just recently lifted for minors and in the United States Supreme court it just in the last two decades for juveniles. So that's our job, you know, defensive make sure I tell I tell my clients, I looked at truth, always tends to come out in the courtroom, if the prosecutor does his or her job the way they're supposed to the judge does his job or her job the way they're supposed to. And the detectives do their job the way they're supposed to will lose every time. Are we if the factor the right now? I mean it's just that the, the only time that, that defense tends to Brill is, if someone jumps to the conclusion makes the wrong assumptions brings in shoddy evidence brings in shaky testimony. What's have is a lot, right? Whether it's a, a sex assault, or a drunk driving case or something in the middle. But, but that, that's, that's let me get off my soapbox that. But fourteen happy birthday today to Phil Mickelson and.

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