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But like businesses, you know, he has like ten different businesses, restaurants, what's it called? A club clothing line. You know, his actual main business was import export. Yeah, just so much. So it was like it was fun to have him when he was there and he's all. Yeah, my side and be there from you, especially now because I have some special plans for myself next year. So yeah, talk about that too. Again, note him. Yeah, I don't remember whatever ended up having him in the AUSSIE check on Elise. Yeah, she's awesome. Took a Barbie. She is like a little barb. Nothing they're done. Yeah, what it is, it was the obvious it's done, right? Yeah, but he's still single. He's definitely say he's not asking for front over me. Okay. So there's some new people this season. What? What do we think? Nema Nema, Mona. I love Mona. I live on her. She's just she's a sweet girl. She's always just kind and it's really pretty very pretty. So she's easier to look out on. I like pretty people. So it works for me to want to be friends with her Nima me anymore. You're going to see. He really comes on really too strong for me. Yeah, really, too strong made some moves. There were a couple drunk in nights this season which you know, who knows? Yeah, I'm not calling out like a whole Turkey situation between me and Mike that happen, but like like, you have to watch it. Yeah, stand. I don't know. I can't wait. I feel like he like, I don't how naturally Mike really dating, Mona, or was that just kind of like a way to bring me around? It's so weird that that you know years like the third person that has asked me that question because just watching the show, I don't get the feeling that they were dating because all he says on the way to big bear was we went on one day. Yeah, and that was literally the second time he saw her there. So we went on that Doubleday the need a girl two days later it was literally all he had Morgan. Yeah, he was being sloppy. If there was something else, but you know Morgan was awesome. Yeah, by they still together have to wait and you better get Mike on this show. He'll flirt with you the whole time. He always with me. He does he with everybody with everyone. Yeah, I'm gonna. I'm gonna get him on here. I felt like so like watching the first like few episodes Nima for me. I'm like, I don't know. I kinda got like a want to say like cheesy vibe, but he just seemed like very, just like. I don't know. It didn't seem like very organic felt like he was like trying to just like be the show and like, so that way he. Is she ice swear to God if you're just like Hank no camera. I think when we hang out all the time all of us. So that's how he is. He's like, what's he's like a host or something like he's just always on. Yeah, you can tell the smile. He's just always ad next ladies and gentlemen that is him. Yes, showman that's. He's like that all the time. I mean, I don't know if they're Erica still together. Again, stay tuned. I had a girlfriend at like he was really cute, Georgia Juba and like they lived together. I know. And he's just like, I wanna kiss you. It was like that things he was saying, I'm like, do you remember you live with your girlfriend? Do you remember? That's, oh my God, that hike that. I don't know what was more uncomfortable watching jocks break up with Carmen, a pizza place. Go or watching Nima and Erica go on a hike so excited and then it's like, I don't know how long it was. But like they were like the bottom of the canyon. Like got to tell you like totally dropped a bomb on her. She had no idea that was coming see the end. 'cause I mean, obviously I see it when the world sees it. Yeah, like he, he's like, she's like, I don't go and he hands the dog leash. So care. Like I'm gonna go to leash and then starts walking with her gold. You. Hey, so awkward. Yeah. All right. So you can't. You can't say if anyone's still together, we're Cam. People got to watch, I know, but he did house to picture just today the last tag that he put ways..

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