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I appreciate that and i'm not asking you to leave. Phony reviews ago my god. This is the greatest podcast ever feel like it great if you don't like it so how how i can improve it. I still my favorite review on. There's this one guy who said and i can't take on the bad reviews and i wouldn't even if i could guys i used to be really cool podcast with guys like stephen peercy from rat now. It's just a bunch of comics that oh no unsubscribe doesn't really help me. <hes> make make it better if you just like act like a baby. Tell me why you don't like it. You know i said unsubscribe. That's pretty funny. I i mean i get you want me to have like rogan has bernie sanders and i'm having on you know a roast battle comic trade some of your recent comments on itunes from saturday. This is two days ago father to in iowa said be cool act like you've been there. Five stars also bull penis on saturday said be cool five stars that is all the danish bihar massar. I'm fine. I said earlier larry s. full of wit and cuts like razor his episode with josh wolff second to none genius five stars roscoe soul train said daddy eddie got a huge peck baby great host awesome guest. Let's get stone. Says earl never disappoint we gin in and week out. He gets the most out of his guests and isn't afraid to ask the tough questions. If you enjoy comedy and peeling back the curtain on some of the things that go down down in the comedy world definitely give this podcast listen legend five stars but then i get some guy and it's a pretty funny but it's a negative review. We said i play safer than any podcast or out there. I don't ask tough questions but like i look at. This podcast has <hes>. It's not my job to antagonize agonize my guess. I had tony contain on. I could have been like so what was like fucking o._j. Simpson but she didn't want to talk about it. So why would i bring it up that way now so you know thank you. Someone said his podcast is a one man operation from undisclosed location in west hollywood but like loki loki. You've given our location. We live in west hollywood so many times that i'm like. Please don't do that ever given out my home address given out my cell phone a number on the comedy central podcast down. Why have so it's already too late. I don't do it again so <hes> channel barbie. Where can people find you online at chandler barbie way someone said interviews or chill and has no elderly sex fantasies. We'll thanks for the review but if you don't like the podcast say why say well your voices to <hes> you know joe ideas podcast joy puts his episodes episodes up on youtube and for some reason i thought let me see what they're saying about me on youtube and one guy said this guy's voice is so annoying they should put it in all mental wards to to make the patients because so i can't do anything about my voice but <hes> thank you guys for listening at chandler barbie that's c. a._h. A. n. d. l. e. r. b. A. r. b. e. on instagram and twitter and you guys know where to find me. Yes no that's not anyway. Inappropriate are all his anapa podcast and soundcloud <hes> leave. A review health scares us bear numbers guests. It's all about the algorithms on apple podcasts. You know no so i love you guys all inappropriate earl..

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