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Because he scores a bunch of those goals and in timely manners against big opponents. It's not those goals, okay? It's not the assist. He gets those two. It's not the way he does box to box and how he's defensively. I don't want to say sound but this chaotic and he does things against the opponent. A winner. And yes, and for your team. It's not all that. It's his infectious play. In the best possible sense of the term, it's how he makes others better. And if you want to get down to the root of it, it's how pedestrian the U.S. men's national team looks without them. That really is the case. I got to disagree with you here. I got to go with Christian Pulisic. Look, Christian Pulisic, whether it's goals or whether it's a cis is your most likely goal creator at the World Cup, bottom line, 5 goals, he led the team in qualifying, right? He's the top scorer for the U.S. no matter what role he's playing. He's the guy that's going to get you goals. Those goals are eventually going to get you points. And those points are what's going to get you out of the group phase. The other thing here is I look on paper and I'm thinking about players who you have given a lot of love to in midfield. Luca de la Torre, Eunice Musa, you seem to love the idea of Brendan aronson in midfield. Do you not now trust those guys to get the job done without McKinney? I just don't think there's anybody like McKenna. You mentioned Eunice and Luca not two guys that are very good in between the boxes but not necessarily come up on the score sheet or do or maybe the direct pass to be contributed to the goal. They're the play before that, you know, which are very good players, but Weston is just so many different variables and layers of danger. I mean, you're talking about a guy who come in as a third runner, a guy who goes from a deep line position into the box and crashes in. A guy who wants set pieces is so valuable and you mentioned Christian ballistic the leading goal scorer and World Cup qualifying. He scored three of those in one game. I mean, when you talk about big games, finals, games against your big opponents, Weston always shows up. He just happens to be that guy and I repeat. Take a look at the worst performances for the U.S. men's national team. Oftentimes, Weston's not there. I think a direct route of why they've played so bad why they look so pedestrian. Yeah, I don't think there's a lot of guys that you can even put in this category. I think Weston McKinney is in it. I think politics in it. I think Tyler Adams is probably in it as well. I think he's another guy that you say, hey, when he's not there, you really notice it. Other than that, I don't know if anybody else is in there, the only guy who I can even think to maybe put in would be walker's Zimmerman. And that's almost by default, huh? Yeah, I honestly, at this point, would say Anthony Robinson before Tyler Adams, just 'cause Tyler Adams, yeah, I think Antony Robinson's, what he's shown is invaluable goals assists the ability to play make if you will from that left hand side. All right, let's focus on another player who's definitely headed to the World Cup. We don't know what

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