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Had some great years you had shemsie set new mz no cinemas famer referenced the frame of reference from bay area bay area dislikes giant quarterbacks you've got he was never beloved out here for syms because of the montana ask yeah now we ask you covered you put similar eli in your pantheon who's who's the greater new york giants go eli friday a f t lie yup is it yeah yes it's all good because of the duration because of we felt he never had the full hair and that was should have been dealt him the last couple of years is the greatest quarterback in new york giants history that's incredible how about that yet about that coming through me and i don't know from the yana looking at i'm looking at a a ranking at his googly one real quick they have him third behind lt and michael stray hand stress degrade greatest your jain of all time above the have him ahead of simpson head of frank gifford ahead of harry carson and ahead of my man butch berries guy sam half don't forget your 1950 we're not giving any love to scott brunner what the hell how about left of the time ten back yes sir the other new york giant quarterback that's disliked was hot hostetler because beal niners because overstayed you're welcome overstating it was gone i don't care will go back to your cap'n crunch thank you ta learn we appreciate what i mean dude where he just ripped open must that he's like an '80s i kinda porn guy very angry right now area angry i'm o almost as angry is mike franceso was on the radio as the half year when you want to hear a great new yorkstyle meltdown an tiger woods activate.

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