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News radio W F L A Next update at 6 15 on Chris Strike, Man. How did Jack Harris wind up on a M Tampa Bay? You ask he was playing hide and seek in West Virginia. And we guess nobody looked for him. This is news, radio. W F l a playing hide and seek right now that Jack Harris now Jack's taking a vacation day will be back tomorrow. Was in. I believe Jacksonville area this weekend. You know, I never know. I think that's what he said. Didn't he say not Flagler Beach, but something around that area? Yeah, Fernandina, You're right. Yes, up in Jacksonville's he in Jacksonville's Yeah, There's two of them, Jack. No. One in the taxable, too. He's in the second one. I was thinking of that. Because Joy has been doing this research on churches in the state and I went to Natalie. Get ready for this. Gainesville yesterday you went to Gainesville? What's playing so my friend asked me to play in a charity golf tournament. Which right away I he asked me about a month ago. So I said, Yeah, Let's do it Sunday before the Super Bowl. No football going on is great. Hey, I didn't know the bucks. We're gonna be the super all the time. I just knew there was no football going on this week. And he didn't tell me. I thought he was coming to Tampa but it to play. He didn't tell me until last week late last week, it was in Gainesville. Oh, my God. I'm thinking men. I gotta drive. The Gainesville wasn't a disclaimer on your invite was unbelievable. You would think that somebody lived lives in games will last year playing a tournament? Who I who comes to the Bay Area regularly as family here is just moved the Gainesville I didn't even know he knew enough people to play in a charity tournament. There. Were you at Haile Plantation. But was that hail plantation? It's like the one really. It's really nice area. Nice golf course. Was that help Plantation? You nailed it, Natalie for a charity event, and I noticed a ton of churches in Gainesville, so I know Joy and Jack have already made that trip. But we'll get Jack back tomorrow. Got a lot of news We want to get to today. Natalie, Katie and myself. Have you covered here? But first, let's see what's making news on the roads with John Thomas. Fella Bossy, saw traffic center close because of an accident in Tampa, Armenia Avenue between Dr King and Hills Row Avenue and also I four eastbound. There's an accident at the notice, ASA wrote. This TRAV report is sponsored by the extra Jin. Temporal scanners, Fevers leading side of covert 19 use an accurate thermometer for twice daily check. Protect your loved ones with the ex surgeon. Temporal scan. It takes attack your reading in seconds,.

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