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That far, but go crazy on Carrie. Okay, night if you want to. I don't know if they have that one in the machine. It's really it's mostly songs You don't like like touchy roll by the 69 boys stuff. Because you wouldn't want to sing, you know, but that's okay. Even still black Superman. I'm okay with that. But what about black James Bond? Do you think America could handle that? Oh, yeah, but we've got to get over that whole wouldn't nonsense about how everybody everything Powerful and good is supposed to be white. No, I ain't playing that no more. Well, OK, but if there was a black James Bond, who would it be? What's that kind of yourselves to Idris elbow? That's what they've talked about, And I think it would be good. But could anyone else be black James Bond. He's got the accent right in me from that part of the country, and I'm not sure where he's from. My only sounds like it with a name like Idris Elba. I would be okay with the Black James Bond, but you can't have a woman, James Bond that would change it too much. Even if we called her Jane Bond or Caitlin, my.

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