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And Joe he's you can't say he's like he's is a corrupt person just moral it, but like he's not cynical. Yeah. He's PISA fucking. He's he's an ultra him. Him with hair plugs. No my God is teeth. I mean, I talk a lot about the teeth because that's my new phonology. Now is that? I mean, I said from the beginning beta you could tell how evily was from the teeth. Now, we have Buddha judge with his terrible gerbil teeth. Biden's caps are the most alarming. He looks like met Bill, and and there's something about Mary bided cosmetic surgeries or like he was trying not to get fired as the lead in a soap opera for forty years that the weatherman the by the way. No, the Biden is an absolute just glassy eyed psycho subway is that if you look at any footage of him when he ran for president the first time in nineteen eighty eight when he had the brain hemorrhage, and then he plays her is Neil, Kinnock speeches and got bounced bef- like would disgrace one of the worst campaigns over and you look at his hairline. And then you look at it. Now, this guy was in front of the entire nation with just this. Absolutely. Aired scrubland. Of hair at the top at the at the front of his head. Just just a noble exclusion zone of decimation. And then he just shows up one day in the middle of nineties. Hi, everybody. What's going on with just it's all back? It's like how the fuck you gonna pull that shit eats. We'll him and he pulled a pin where you can. I dare say a psycho area to say something. Yeah. Because like every normal persons like, you know, what I should've seen. I I didn't really pay attention to this. And now it's too late. Yeah. Now, everyone knows only a complete maniac is like fuck it. I'm gonna brazen. This out in dare you to fuck and comment on it. It me to Bago like when he loses he comes back in eight years, and he's just looks exactly. Like boy, west coast. Good or bad data's everywhere. He's speaking sort of like at East Bay mex- ticket guy accent like what he's like. No. This is how I've always been. I could definitely see him wearing a do rag at some point to try to like get down with some local voters start calling enjoying Joe Biden and Beethoven challenge. Each other to a wave check don't know what that is. But I'm sure it's funny. So my ultimate prediction the thing about Biden winning out of just pure citizen. That's a joke prediction. My real prediction for the primary is that the night king. Looper and allows tracking Amy to tar area. Holy battled winter fell. Saint Paul Minnesota song if I said fire baby swear, just one of the things from this New York magazine piece sort of against very similar to the New York Times pieces. It's captured the way Bernie Sanders just has fuck you money into point like like his ability to raise money, real good. Is not just freaking these people out because nobody's courting he'd he doesn't have to come and kiss their ass, or then, you know, or adopt positions that, you know, are palatable to them or go to Lloyd blankfein fucking summer house in the Hamptons for chicken dinner. It's also sort of displacing their sense of social worth, and I sort of read this part. It says here. Meanwhile, parts of the democratic field. We're doing the same with candidates focus on building. Sandra style. Small donor, Email driven funder fundraising machine Sanders raised ten million that way and Justice first week as a candidate. It's kind of stunning how a bunch of these people running for president haven't gotten a hold of a list of top past contributors and said, what can I do to get this person? Fumed a hedge fund honcho out of the loop for the first time in two decades. It's sort of basic political IQ everyone wants to seem relevant one..

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