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The phone to get a board eight seven seven three thirty seven sixty six sixty six and in honor of my freedom and suggestion we are kicking it off involving not even the unsung heroes I'm talking about the backup so I'm talking about a guy who's not Stourton and now is at a place near and dear to the heart for all these years being a sports fan what we saw on that more is how I'm getting the ball rolling very very curious to see what you guys take this let's let off we had two four Rockaway chasing going to get us colonies on the fat what's happening J. sin Ronald Herrera I love it chasing listen very good example now listen he's not going to have the same place for me in my heart as Yankee fan because I think we sell and I think of a champion to race did not have that final page two week championship with this twenty seventeen Yankees put you all right twenty seventeen he was terrific when he played in spot duty you put him at shortstop you did a good job you put him at third or second he did a good job always put the bat on the ball and you know the whole tone I'd show DO you know the Yankees having some fun in the dog out great great example Jason I'm within a thousand percent yes I'm a younger fans on a really I'm not with a time release but it's best I got no worse for me Jason I totally get it and you know in many ways I was sad to see to raise leave the New York because Bennett said good role on the team and he was such a productive player the only thing is you get to a point where you know you signed the jail may you and you have at the time the the Gregorius and you have Miguel Andujar and you see this emergence from G. R. Shaw and now you adjacent to Yankee infield even with a loss to DD yes they are there and it's a do Hornets are shallow and it's on Gleyber in its lemay you and those guys you're going to want to see in the line up day after day so I guarantee Jason Ronald Torreyes going to Philadelphia and reuniting with his former manager Joe Girardi in the National League with the res no DH with us a lot more of a chance to get a backup player in a bench player Barney involvement in the game I bet you to race as a productive year in Philly all right thank you thank you JJ job well done appreciate the call my friend appreciate the call going to start off the tonight show Ronald Torreyes good name to bring up but at the Livingston New Jersey J. as in Jake up excuse me not chase and Jake up without a bra Florida yeah I was gonna take up I'm doing alright man was admitted not much for me the best moment you know the two thousand ten sixteen you know they made a few playoff run then it went much but the one moment that stands out above the rest is in twenty twelve Jeremy Lin the three weeks leading journalists a perfect example to your question three weeks were still memorable to this day when he was I want I want this Kobe and and getting the game winning shot against the raptors you know those those moments of turbulence still still stick in my head the legend of whose incredible run by lane and listen he was beyond a bench player I mean he was a guy who was basically a delay I mean he was just trying to get a gig he was trying to get a job and made the most of it and for three weeks was the talk of the NBA but I think a player on that Nick team who stuck around for a couple more years who actually fits the description that much more would be Steve Novak who was wanted Jeremy lane's one inmates hit the outside shot in doing the belt to giving you the discount double check Steve Novak is like this assassin from beyond the arc for me in in many ways you know he was the guy who kind of fit the role playing like fifteen to twenty minutes a night laying when from that and then all of a sudden turn himself into a store in the week yes I urge you to I remember going to motels during the three weeks of violent migrants European and her name is the last ten years those three weeks the most products out to be an exam well it's fun I can tell you Jennifer sure was fun now listen two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen was a little more entertaining for me because you see the next goal in fifty four games actually see them going to win a playoff series but the way the whole insanity revolution broke down coming out of no where the Colby game which I was at I vividly remember it was like right at the start of lent sandy watching planets like wall holy smokes who is this guy and won the world to see the one on the basketball court and then that kind of trickled into the game in Toronto and some of the other games he had where he was just you know taking the league by storm every which way Jacob cell the Knicks and their fans in many ways wondered what could have been with Jeremy Lin but I think we kind of got a sense you know it was very much a flash in the pan it was a three or four week run and really that's what it was going to be even before then that Laker game in Kobe Kobe was telling how he didn't even and I remember this correctly you don't remember who are you he said he didn't even have a germline was earned you have not now following the link and eastern could be who they gave her a documentary about the one with the story and there's no better example of someone who defied all odds of being in the first with the first died G. league players to make a name for himself in the in the area really paved way for now your backed up files to say you know to compare themselves the genuine legit a mark my words and I appreciate the call as always we will probably see in one of these like where are they now type deals basically than Sports Illustrated these to do like where are they now like ten twenty thirty years after the fact we're gonna be like stepping back in ten years the like where the world is Jeremy one was it I'm sure he made himself a good amount of money I'm sure he capitalized on his name on hold to capitalize on his name it was kind of one of those one hit wonder type deals like if we were to talk about one hit wonders in New York and by the way thing being being that might be a future topic may have to jot that down it's amazing what you think of off the top of your head but that's something maybe we'll do it some point next week the following week I mean insanity and what it brought to the city in the craziness was off the charts but said to call pay cabin is up next the joins us on offense get mobile I don't Jon Katelyn seconded Bob Lowe pressione the thirty five year old Argentinian rookie the oldest rookie in NBA history he's like a soccer player with his assist never looks for a shot in game six against the Celtics hit three clutch three help invest in X. the second round for the first time in thirteen years that that's my take right there I love that name have an excellent excellent example and I loved me some Pablo Prigioni on that New York Knickerbocker team because when Pablo Prigioni came in a game you knew the basketball was going to move you knew that he was going to find the open man and it would set up a Carmelo would set up a J. R. Smith they would set up some easy looks for Tyson Chandler down Wall Pridgen Yanni was the perfect guy to play you know fifteen to twenty minutes and I finished she was really a very under the radar under appreciated neck on those teams like over three or four year span I like Pablo Prigioni scam it's not that ridiculous live now the I'll you J. R. Smith from like those those crazy yeah that entire year I mean listen you had the entire bench for the Knicks balling out from Prigioni again good minutes Steve Novak in good minutes chasing Kate Gableman credible minutes and then you had Rasheed Wallace on that team and before Rasheed Wallace went down with the injury I mean he was playing great for the next cell that was the year in which and it's so amazing looking back on that team seeing what happened over the given year and seeing where the franchise is basically been ever since completely right in the tank well for one year the Knicks were almost ahead of the curve they were a team shooting a bunch of threes space enough for playing this like new age modern style of basketball that was in many ways ahead of its time if only that style basketball will continue in the years to come who knows maybe the next well actually have you know beyond that one playoff year you know going all the way back to twenty thirteen Kurt Thomas and markets can be come back that year too they sure did it now is in Kurt Thomas at that point was completely shot Marcus Camby at that point was completely shot Wallace actually gave him good minutes you are hoping that you're going to get decent minutes out of candy didn't happen Thomas it didn't happen and you know actually gave the Knicks a really good sport at the end of that year they brought in Kenyon Martin and Kenya Moore added well for that team over like the final twenty or so games played really well we have the lab decent chicken like an old school New Jersey nets slob you sure did it's crazy to think about chasing kids and Kenyon Martin or part of the twenty twelve twenty thirteen the ACT acts that is I'd Burnett said that must have been really weird you know that's like something really really tough to stomach Jennifer garner Kevin appreciate the call very very good reference Prodi for that Pablo Prigioni that's exactly where I'm looking for here guys that's exactly what I'm doing for a job well done let's say to break New Jersey Joe up next the joins us on a fat was having a job how you doing JJ I got two for you the first one in nineteen sixty nine our chance once the me before my time obviously gel what a name that obviously meant a whole lot to nineteen sixty nine Mets streets exactly the sort of bill I'm looking for not a starter but a guy who.

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