Spectators around the world marvel at rare 'blood moon' eclipse


Only one of many problems facing fire crews. Right now they have about three, thousand firefighters they've also ordered the super tanker which is the largest fire retardant dropping airplane in the world to come in and start helping. Trying to get some lines around this fire the problem is we have eighteen other fires. Burning around the state of. California right now so resources are spread thin nine people are missing the fires only about five percent contained investigators. Reviewing the audio and video, from the sunken duck vote in southwestern Missouri say they are likely facing new questions about the, decision, to, get on table rock lake CBS's Kris van. Cleave out forty minutes before the storm hit the crew was advised to do the water portion of. The tour I in as passengers were loading the captain is heard making reference to having check the weather radar prior to the trip. About four minutes before the video cuts off the first alarm is. Heard sixteen passengers and a crew member died when the duck boats Sank five people are dead. In two shooting incidents in the Corpus Christi. Texas area KC TV's drew spire, says that the ordeal ended at a nursing home in suburban rubs town that's where they found three people dead including the shooter now coordinated. The city secretary to other victims were found in a home belonging to the shooter believed. The shooter killed them at. His home I then went to the nursing home where he shots to others before turning the gun on himself. There's no idea on the, victims the motive is unclear CBS's investigating misconduct claims against CEO les Moonves claims published in the, New, Yorker, by Pulitzer prize winning reporter Ronan Farrow it. Involves six women overcoming a lot of fear taliation to tell very serious stories of sexual misconduct about. Les Moonves one of the most powerful men in television responding says there were times decades ago when he may have made some women. Uncomfortable by making advances according to moon this those were mistakes and. He regrets the momentum Anywhere but North America and Greenland sky watchers were treated to complete lunar eclipse the longest one this century the so-called blood moon turn deep red lasting, one, hour forty three, minutes one woman in Australia Stole aranda The next lunar viewable eclipse in North America is. January twenty first, next year this is CBS news To experience relief from foot. And leg cramps use theraworx relief. Get theraworx relief today the pain relief file at your local. Pharmacy ask your, pharmacist for theraworx relief.

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