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Hey here both at the same time welcome the keith and the girl i'm keith malley hamda ladies and gentlemen today's guest co host of follow g the podcast we'll get to the bottom of aliens raider for the hard times like a punk rock the onion you know little wage ladies and gentlemen same rose hello doing sammy i'm doing very well how are you saying i'm doing very well thank you i do wanna get to these aliens and they know what you're talking about because you work in a college right i i sure do your teacher i am a lecturer yes okay what does that mean it means i'm teacher it means they can't talk back and there's a website where kids go to college students drew and they judge the teachers yes and the teacher can figure out if they're on their yes and see what the kids think of them correct and they say that you're lecturing you're classes are quote easy is that offensive do you need to up your game or is that a compliment i think that's a compliment okay i think that's a compliment because does that mean you're getting easy homework to do when the handed in yeah i think my assignments are fair and i grade them very leniently guess what they're not fair they're easy i don't know if you're listening they're they're they're quote chill okay you've been told on this website my multiple students that you are hot will they have not told me that directly say it on the website by clicking the chili pepper on the website they indicate that they believe i am hot should they be allowed to be on this site clicking chili peppers in graduate.

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