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Quote. I have had some conversation with Tiberius. According to your desire my dear Livia as to what must be done with your grandson Tiberius at the Games of Mars. We both agreed in this that once. Aw We ought to determine what course to take with him for if he really sound and so to speak quite right in his intellects why should we hesitate to promote him by the same steps and degrees? We did his brother but if we find him below par and efficient both in body and mind. We must be aware of giving occasion for him and ourselves to be laughed at by the world which is ready enough to make such things the subject of Mirth and derision for we never shall be easy if we are always to be debating upon every occasion up this kind without settling in the first instance whether he'd be really capable of public offices or not with regard to what you consult me about. At the present moment I am not against his superintending feast of the priests in the Games of Mars. If he will suffer himself to be governed by his kinsman SALONA says son that he may do nothing to make the people stare and laugh at him but I do not approve of his. Witnessing the Circassian Games from the pull Venar he will be. They're exposed to view in the very front of the theater nor do I like that. He should go to the Alban Mount For if he capable of attending his brother to the mount why is he not made prefect City thus my dear Livia. You have my thoughts on the matter. In my opinion we ought to settle this affair once for all that we may not be always in suspense. Between Hope and fear you may think proper give your Kinsmen Antonia this part of my letter to read and quote in another letter. He writes as follows quote. I shall invite the Youth Tiberius every day during your absence to supper that he may not SUPP- alone with his friends so pcs and Theodorus. I wished the poor creature was more cautious and attentive in the choice of someone who's manners. Air and gate might be proper for his imitation. In things of consequence he sadly fails where his mind does not run a stray discovers a noble disposition and quote in a third letter. He says quote. Let me Die Livia if I am not astonished that the declamation up your grandson Tiberius should please me for how he who talks so ill should be able to declaim so clearly and properly. I cannot imagine and quote. There is no doubt but Augusta's after this came to a resolution upon the subject and accordingly left him invested with no other honor than that of the augural priesthood naming him amongst the heirs of the third degree who were but distantly allied to his family for six the part of his estate only with a legacy of no more than eight hundred thousand sister. She's upon his requesting some office in the state. Tiberius granted him the honorary appendages of the console ship and when he pressed for a legitimate appointment the emperor wrote word back that he sent him forty gold pieces for his expenses during the festivals of the Saturnalia and Sidga Larrea upon this laying. Aside all hope of advancement. He resigned himself entirely to an indolent life. Living in great privacy one while in his gardens or a Fila which he had near the city. Another while in compagno where he passed his time in the lowest society by which means besides his former character of a dull heavy fellow. He acquired that of a drunkard and game. Stir notwithstanding this sort of life much. Respect was shown him both in public and private. The equestrian order twice may choice of him to intercede on their behalf. Wants to obtain from the console's the favor of burying on their shoulders the corpse of Augusta's to Rome and a second time to congratulate him upon the death of Sa- John us when he entered the theater they used to rise and put off their cloaks the Senate likewise decreed that he should be added to the number of the Augusta College of priests who were chosen by lot and soon afterwards when his house was burnt down that it should be rebuilt at the public charge and that he should have the privilege of giving his vote. Amongst the men of consular rank this decree however was repealed. Tiberius insisting to have him excused on account of his imbecilities and promising to make good his loss at his own expense but at his death he named him in his well amongst his third airs for a third part of his estate leaving him besides a legacy of to millions of sister she's and expressly recommending him to the army's the Senate and people of Rome amongst other relations at last guys his brother's son upon his advancement to the empire endeavoring to gain the affections of the public by all the arts of popularity. Claudius also was admitted to public offices and help console ship jointly with his nephew for two months as he was entering the forum for the first time with the fash. She's an eagle which was flying that way alighted upon his right shoulder. A second console ship was also allotted him to commence at the expiration of the fourth year. He sometimes presided at the public spectacles as the representative of guys being always on those occasions.

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